Dust collector with pre separator

Nederman's 471A Industrial Vacuum has a dual container system for fixed installation with built in frame. Grit and granulate discharge for separation of blasting grit from dust. Installed on silo for grit storage. Dust is discharged in the NCF (candle filter) filter and collected in a container. The filter is automatically cleaned at system shut off, or can be done automatically by installation of a timer control system. Heavy-duty vacuum unit for material collection over long distances. Suitable for collection of mixed dust and granulated products.

  • Cleaning system for reusable grit
  • Seperates dust from reusable grit
  • High vacuum and suction capacity

Technical data
Application Dust, Grit, Granulate, Chip
Certifications CE
Dustbin volume (gal) 89 l cyclonic silo + 67 l dust bin
Filter Area (ft2) 1,6
Filter cleaning method Reverse air pulse
Installation Outdoor, Indoor