Stationary multi-purpose dust collector

Silo system with high suction capacity for fixed installations. Designed for the collection of dusty materials such as granules, steel grit and recovery of precious metals. The silo is equipped with a manual discharge valve. Can be supplied with counterweight or pneumatic valves for automatic operations. Equipped with the efficient and self-cleaning NCF (candle) filter (not all models). The unit can be fitted with automatic remote control. The unit is often used as power pack in central suction systems

  • Vacuum unit with silo on flexible frame system
  • High vacuum for suction of heavyweight material over long distance

Technical data
Application Dust, Granulate, Grit, Chip
Certifications CE
Filter cleaning method Reverse air pulse
Installation Outdoor, Indoor
Compressed air requirement 4,3 Nm3/min
Filter type Candle filter
Max vakuum (in. wg) -273
Number of filter elements 70
Noise level (dB(A)) 77.0
Note With cleaning set, gulper head and scraping tool
Type of hose PU12
Weight (lbs) 317