FlexPAK 800 DX

The leading extraction solution. Always the right capacity.

The FlexPAK DX high vacuum unit represents the foremost solution on the market. The unit is designed for the extraction of welding fumes, grinding dust, metal chips etc. FlexPAK DX is suitable for cleaning the workplace, the shop floor, and machines. FlexPAK DXregulates the speed of the motor automatically depending on the vacuum demand. Compared to traditional controllers, FlexPAK provides an optimal, and well-balanced vacuum according to the need, ensuring energy-saving operation. The filters are effectively cleaned by applying powerful air bursts to the filter through quick opening valves. The dust is knocked off by the impact and collected in the dust bin. The sequence is controlled by the PLC, and it can be adjusted to suit every installation. This maximizes the life of the filter and ensures the correct functioning of the unit. FlexPAK can be fitted with different types of alarms, for example, level monitors for waste containers, filter indicators (for clogged filters) and fire alarms. Alarms can be activated at A and B levels and can be set to give both visual and audible signals. FlexPAK800 DX is a high vacuum unit, suitable for applications where metal chips, shot blasting grit and other heavy material need to be removed. FlexPAK1000 DX operates at a lower vacuum level and is suitable for extracting welding fumes and grinding dust and for use where a constant airflow, independent of the number of users, is a requirement. FlexPAK DX is designed to extract combustible and noncombustible dust, but the unit “as a whole” is not to be placed in an area that is classified as a zone according to directive 1999/92/EC. It is only the inside of the filter that meets the ATEX requirements. FlexPAK 800/1000 DX may be used with duct systems internally classified as zone 20, 21 or 22. The product has no marking since there is no internal ignition source. The inside is to be considered as a simple filter/ silo and does not fall under the scope of the directive 94/9/ EC. It is of outmost importance to know the properties of the extracted material. The FlexPAK DX is intended to be a part of an extraction system collecting material with the following properties:
• Dust explosion class: St1 and St2
• Pmax: ≤10 bar
• MIE (Minimum Ignition Energy) > 3 mJ
• MIT (Minimum Ignition Temperature) > 205 ºC
Materials with properties not given within the above stated values must be investigated prior to use with the FlexPAK DX. Contact Nederman for technical support and Dust application investigation.
Built in PLC functions:
• Pipe flushing and filter cleaning sequences are performed just before system idling.
• Weekly timer – ensures unit is switched off outside normal working hours.
• Overtime timer (option).
• Waste emptying possibilities: Manual, automatic time controlled emptying, or by an optional Bin Level Indicator.
• Filter cleaning possibilities: automatic time controlled cleaning, automatic cleaning triggered by a delta pressure sensor.
Built in safety functions:
• Filter cleaning is disabled during waste emptying sequence.
• Built in Emergency stop switch.
• Monitored control filter to detect main filter failure.
• Monitored relief panel. Vents the explosion to a safe area and stops the unit.

  • Easy to install
  • Built in PLC functions
  • Low running and maintenance costs
  • Built in safety functions
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications

Technical data
Airflow (cfm) 475
Application Dust, Granulate, Grit, Fumes, Chip
Certifications CE, EX
Compressed air requirement Dry and clean (Ø6 connection)
Dustbin volume (gal) 70
Filter Area (ft2) 700
Filter cleaning method Reverse air pulse
Installation Indoor
Max Airflow (cfm) 760
Working pressure (psi) 20
Capacity (max airflow m3/h) 470
Colour Blue
Electric plug Without
Hose connection Diameter (in) 7,87
Filter material Anti-Static
Filter type Bag
Frequency (Hz) 60
Max vakuum (in. wg) 141
Number of filter elements 1
Noise level (dB(A)) 70
No of phases 3
Power (Hp) 28.8 (21.5 Kw)
Power Voltage (V) 460
Weight (lbs) 909

Accessories for this product 11

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