High Vacuum hose Couplers

The hose coupler system is available in a wide range to suit most hose diameters commonly used. The couplers are made from electrically conductive plastic material and are available in two diameters of the tapered coupler section 40 and 50 mm. Using the couplers makes it very easy to connect/disconnect the vacuum hose simply by turning-pushing or turning-pulling. 50 mm couplings fit directly into the flap valve KV50 and automatic valve TAV50. To connect 40 mm couplers to either 50 mm couplers or to the above mentioned valves an adapter is used.

Technical data
Certifications CE
M40-38P hose coupler

ArtNo: 40151050

M40-32P hose coupler

ArtNo: 40151060

M40-25P hose coupler

ArtNo: 40151070

F40-38P hose coupler

ArtNo: 40151010

F40-40P hose coupler

ArtNo: 40151020

F40-32P hose coupler

ArtNo: 40151040

M50-50P hose coupler

ArtNo: 40151100

M50-38P hose coupler

ArtNo: 40151110

M50-44P hose coupler

ArtNo: 40151120

M50-50S hose coupler

ArtNo: 40150100

M50-38S hose coupler

ArtNo: 40150110

F50-50P hose coupler

ArtNo: 40151030

F50-44S hose coupler

ArtNo: 40151140

FM40-50P hose coupler adapter

ArtNo: 40151300

Swivel connection C 38

ArtNo: 40155040

Swivel connection 38

ArtNo: 40155020

Swivel connection 50

ArtNo: 40155030

Branch coupler BC 63/50/50 B

ArtNo: 40060080

Branch coupler BC 100/50/50

ArtNo: 40060010

Branch coupler BC 160/50/50

ArtNo: 40060020

Hose flange 100mm

ArtNo: 40060030

Hose flange 160mm

ArtNo: 40060040

M50 Festo IAS/AS hose coupler

ArtNo: 40850804

M38 Festo IAS/AS hose coupler

ArtNo: 40850805

Connection piece M50 Festo

ArtNo: 40850803

FM2X50-50S branch coupler w plug

ArtNo: 40150160

BC50-50-50 branch coupler

ArtNo: 40150161

Svivel d63/51 overgang ned til d51

ArtNo: 43843101

Swivel d63/76

ArtNo: 43843102

Coupl male d51

ArtNo: 43930102

Coupling, female d51

ArtNo: 43930101

Quick-coupl fem d51

ArtNo: 43885001