C-PAK 20-2500 C

For heavy industry fume extraction

For welding extraction, on-torch or nozzles. Semiportable installations. Unit including Nederman FlexFilter cyclone for coarse separation. Manual start/stop. The units have four 100mm (4 in) diam. for the C-PAK 20-1500 and 160mm (6.3 in) diam. for the C-PAK 20-2500 vacuum inlets with connection flanges suitable for the Nederman PAK hose and coupler system. Flow restrictor and combined back flush/start-up valve is standard.

  • Compact design
  • Easy to transport
  • Low maintenance costs

Technical data
Airflow (cfm) 1471
Application Fumes
Certifications CE
Installation Outdoor, Indoor
Max vaccum (psi) 22
Colour Blue
Filter type Bag
Frequency (Hz) 60
Max vakuum (in. wg) 88
Noise level (dB(A)) 77
No of phases 3
Power (Hp) 49.6 (37 Kw)
Weight (lbs) 3131
C-PAK 20-2500C 230V/60Hz

ArtNo: 40051240

Power Voltage (V)
C-PAK 20-2500C 575V/60Hz

ArtNo: 40051270

Power Voltage (V)
C-PAK 20-2500C 460V/60Hz

ArtNo: 40051260

Power Voltage (V)

Accessories for this product 3

Hose SE-102 L=30m plastic
ArtNo: 40121643

Flexhose pl.spiral SE-102 L=30m

Hose SE-160 L=10m plastic
ArtNo: 40161232

Hose SE-160 L=10m plastic

Hose SE-160 L=20m plastic
ArtNo: 40161233

Hose SE-160 L=20m plastic