Improve air quality and energy efficiency by optimizing capture efficiency with Nederman Articulated Extraction Arms

Nederman articulated extraction arms

How do you achieve safe and clean lab working environment by using articulated extraction arms? Capturing is one of Nederman’s key technologies. In collaboration with Danish Technical University in Copenhagen, Nederman published a White Paper that describes how cross-draught, hood position, hood type, operator body etc. influences the capture rate. It also gives recommendations how to optimize an extraction system for high capture efficiency and low energy use.

The white paper states what factors you have to keep in mind when designing your lab with an articulated extraction arm system.

Physical constraints - what to keep in mind:

  • Cross-draught caused by background ventilation
  • Placement of other existing equipment
  • Operator position and how he/she moves around the lab
  • Position of extraction arm

Pollutant source - what to keep in mind:

  • Has distinct points where the pollution might appear
  • Size of pollution source
  • Contaminant cloud type
  • Toxicity of pollutant

Download Nederman’s white paper to learn more how to maximise the capturing efficiency of an articulated extraction arm.