Minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) sets a new standard for process air purification in the metalworking industry

Minimum quantity lubrication

MQL is a solution that reduces the consumption of oil and water in metalworking processes, leading to considerable cost savings. As the rate of production and metalworking has risen, the use of cutting agent and lubrication known as coolant has increased. Maintaining the coolant can be very costly. MQL can be used to achieve major cost savings and decrease environmental impacts by reducing the consumption of oil and water.

What is minimum quantity lubrication / MQL?
Rather than providing cooling and lubrication by soaking your work piece and tool in coolant, known as “flooding”, the process of minimum quantity lubrication involves atomizing the oil before injecting it into a compressed air stream which is then directed on to your tool and work piece. Put another way, they are cooled with air, while oil is used to lubricate/reduce the friction. 

Our solution
Nederman Filtac has developed new, patent-pending filtration systems with high efficiency, easily adaptable to existing, traditional process air purification. 

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