When at-source welding fume extraction is not enough

Welding fume extraction with Nederman Air Purification Tower

Capture at source is always the best option when it comes to reducing the amount of welding smoke and fume in the air. However, there are situations when it is impossible or impractical to work with source capture solutions, for example welding on large objects or in situations where ducting would interfere with moving of lifting equipment.

There are also situations where capture at source is not sufficient to achieve a good and healthy air quality, this can be where there is heavy welding or in welding schools/training centers. In these cases, Nederman Air Purification Tower can be a good alternative or compliment to existing installations.

Focusing on capturing efficiency, Nederman has developed a product that is far more effective that most alternatives in the market. Through experience and computer simulations, we have perfected the design to maximize the capturing efficiency giving our customers the best alternative to capture at source.