Complete solutions for welding and machining – new products presented at Fabtech USA 2016

Nederman booth at Fabtech 2016

With the launch of the new products and concepts at Fabtech USA 2016, we have further developed our total solutions package. On display at Fabtech, November 16-18, was Nederman’s new welding and machining concepts, Air Purification Tower, Oil Mist Filter, and Nederman Insight Cloud Services.

I´m excited about the growt potential for our core segments such as welding and machining.

Per Lind
Americas Division Head

Air Purification Tower  

Focusing on capturing efficiency, Nederman has developed a product that is far more effective that most alternatives in the market. Through experience and computer simulations, we have perfected the design to maximize the capturing efficiency giving our customers the best alternative to capture at source. 


Filtac Oil Mist Filter

Nederman’s unique, patent-pending FibreDrain™ technology is the key to efficient oil mist filtration in demanding metalworking applications. The FibreDrain™ filters are specially designed for continuous operation. Their unique composition makes it possible to capture even the smallest submicron droplets and drain them back to the process with maintained filtration efficiency.

A specially treated fibre surface allows the collected droplets to coalesce, grow in fibre intersections and finally drain by gravity out of the filter medium. With FibreDrain™, the air is thoroughly cleaned and a maximum of coolant can be retrieved and reused.


Nederman Insight Cloud Services - unleash new levels of performance

Track system performance, predict maintenance needs and prove compliance with Nederman Insight digital services. With increasing demands on sustainable production, take advantage of the latest digital technologies and advanced analytics. 70 years of leading industrial air filtration expertise built-in! Read more>>

Nederman Machining Concept 

Learn how your workplace can get clean air, profitable recovery and keep premises free from hazardous oil and coolant mist. Nederman Machining concept >>

Nederman Welding Concept

Do you want to protect your working environment, your workers health and your equipment from welding fume and particles? Find out how at Nederman Welding concept >>