Floor cleaning system: Ø 63 mm

63 mm cleaning unit used for the heaviest applications, such as collecting blasting grit, casting sand etc. where a small pressure drop across the hose is important.

  • Floor nozzle with wheels and interchangeable rubber lip
  • Wet suction
  • Antistatic

    Floor cleaning equipmentd width 500 mm

    ArtNo: 42930000

    Floor cleaning equipment width 600 mm

    ArtNo: 42930100

Accessories for this product 5

Floor suction head width 500mm, Ø63
ArtNo: 43840400

Floor suct head d63/500

Floor suct head d63/600
ArtNo: 43840450

Floor suct head d63/600

Suction pipe aluminium Ø63
ArtNo: 43843001

Suction pipe alum d63

Suct pipe bend alum d63
ArtNo: 43843050

Suct pipe bend alum d63

Swivel steel d63
ArtNo: 43843100

Swivel steel d63