Magnetic coolant filter (Magnadrum clarifier)

Magnadrum simple an dautomatic magnetic coolant filter

The Magnadrum magnetic coolant filter continuously removes magnetic particles from the flow of liquid and deposits them into a bin. The system is ideal for production machine tools cutting and grinding ferrous materials and will cope with high rates of swarf production. The Magnadrum is suitable for use with water based coolants and most neat oils. The equipment is often married to other clarifiers acting as a very efficient prefilter. The legs can be cut to suit installation and top or back entry can be chosen. Variants exist to allow tank top mounting or to contain the dirty coolant under pressure supply. Your special requirements can be discussed before ordering and we should welcome your inquiry.
Operation is simple and automatic. Powerful ceramic magnets fill the core of the drum, which is partly immersed in the liquid. The magnetic field is carried into the liquid flow by steel discs, so that all liquid passes through the high intensity field. Ferrous contaminent is attracted to the discs and drawn from the liquid as the drum revolves. The drum is cleaned continuously as it turns against a profiled scraper. Particles arriving from the drum push along the scraper until they fall into the bin, compressing out excess liquid which drains to rejoin the flow leaving the solids almost dry.

Not sold in the US

  • Powerful magnets filter down to 30 - 40 micron
  • Almost dry solid dispatch
  • Almost dry solid dispatch

FM 1270 direct drive, oil 280l/min - emulsion 350l/min, side outlet

ArtNo: 76234640