Fan N27, Single phase

A centrifugal fan mainly designed for use with Nederman extraction products.

Note! The fan must not be used in an environment with danger of explosion or for transport of inflammable or explosive gases.

  • Compact
  • Easy to use

Technical data
Airflow (m3/h) 1400 (1,1kW), 1950 (1,5kW)
Ambient temperature range -20 to +40 C (-4 F to 104 F)
Capacity (max airflow m3/h) ´
Certifications CE
Installation Indoor, Outdoor
Operating Temperature Max. 60 C
Frequency (Hz) 60
No of phases 1
Weight (kg) 17
Fan N27

ArtNo: 14514422

Amperage (A)
Power (kW)
Power Voltage (V)
Fan N27

ArtNo: 14510022

Amperage (A)
Power (kW)
Power Voltage (V)

Accessories for this product 31

PVC hose. Ø100mm. l=5m
ArtNo: 10500427

Pvc-hose. diam.100mm.L=5m

PVC-hose. Ø125mm. l=5m.
ArtNo: 10500527

Pvc-hose. diam.5". l=5m.

PVC-hose. Ø150mm. l=5m.
ArtNo: 10500627

Pvc-hose. diam.6". l=5m.

PVC-hose Ø 160mm. l=5m
ArtNo: 10511026

Pvc-hose diam. 160mm.L=5m

Inlet and outlet adaptor for hose Ø160 mm
ArtNo: 14322166

In- and outlet connection with

Guard net (1 pcs)
ArtNo: 14333181

Guard net for fan N16 and N24.

Adaptor Ø125/Ø100 mm
ArtNo: 14341077

Reducer. diam.125/100mm.

Adaptor Ø125/Ø75 mm
ArtNo: 14341080

Reducer. diam.125/75mm. black.

Wall bracket for silencer
ArtNo: 14343089

Wall bracket for silencer. pair.

Nozzle with magnet. 250 x 30 mm. Aluminium. Hose connection Ø100 mm.
ArtNo: 14500226

Nozzle. silumin. with magnet.

Split inlet Ø125 int. / 2xØ100 mm ext.
ArtNo: 14500526

Double adapter. diam.125mm/2x100mm.

Split inlet Ø125 int. / 2xØ100 mm ext.
ArtNo: 14500726

Double adapter. diam.125mm/2x125mm.

Split inlet Ø125 int. / 2xØ100 mm ext.
ArtNo: 14500826

Double adapter. diam.125mm/2x75mm.

Silencer including quick release
ArtNo: 14502226

Silencer.Including quick release

FMS 6,3 - 10
ArtNo: 14502537

FMS 6.3-10 Fan Manual Starter

Silencer for fan
ArtNo: 14502626

Silencer for fan

FMS 14.5-19
ArtNo: 14503037

FMS 14.5-19 Fan Manual Starter

Coupling tube Ø75mm
ArtNo: 14503626

Connector 3"-3". (75mm).

Coupling tube Ø100mm
ArtNo: 14504626

Connector 4"-4". (100mm).

Coupling tube Ø125mm
ArtNo: 14505626

Connector 5"-5". (125mm).

Coupling tube Ø150mm
ArtNo: 14506626

Connector 6"-6". (150mm).

Inlet adaptor for hose Ø160 mm
ArtNo: 14510326

Adapter diam.=160mm.

Adaptor Ø160/ext. Ø75 mm
ArtNo: 14510426

Reducer inside diam=160mm. outside

Adaptor Ø160/ext. Ø100 mm
ArtNo: 14510526

Reducer inside diam=160mm. outside

Adaptor Ø160 ext./Ø100 mm
ArtNo: 14510626

Reducer inside diam=160mm. outside

Split inlet Ø160 int. / 2xØ100 mm ext.
ArtNo: 14510726

Split intake(t-tube).

Adaptor Ø160/Ø100 mm
ArtNo: 14511226

Adapter. diam 160/150mm.

Coupling tube Ø160mm
ArtNo: 14511326

Adapter diam=160mm