NRSZ rotary valves, type 4,10,20,30 and 10-Q

Continuously empty combustible dust from your dust collector

The NRSZ type rotary valve is used to transfer material between two separate systems. In pneumatic conveying systems discharge is usually required from the filter or cyclone to the silo, at atmospheric pressure. This is an ideal application for the NRS type rotary valve.

The rotary valve can be used for most material types, though the particle size must not exceed 13 x 13 x 13 mm (.5 x .5 x .5 in).

The NRSZ type rotary valve is modular and robustly constructed in heavy steel plate. The rotor of each module is equipped with an elastic clutch. This reduces the possibility of damage in use and maximises the life of the unit. The rotor has special rubber seals, which provide an effective air lock between the inlet and the outlet.

This type of rotary valve is a certified version for explosive dusts type St1 and St2. The NRSZ is a protective system according to ATEX definition.

Explosive dusts type St1 may have Kst up to 200 bar m/s.

Explosive dusts type St2 may have Kst up to 300 bar m/s.

Technical data
Application Dust
Certifications CE, EX
Installation Outdoor, Indoor
Material Heavy steel plate
Operating Temperature -20 to 40 Deg. C.
Suitable for combustable dust Yes