FilterMax SFC (Safety Filter Cabinet)

Heavy duty general filter or spark trap for industrial applications

FilerMax SFC gives increased safety against release of dangerous dust into the atmosphere. The FilterMax SFC can also be used as a spark trap reducing the risk of fire in a main filter by catching sparks before they reach the filter.

If the air is re-circulated a FilterMax SFC is vital to maintain a safe work environment. In combination with a pressure switch the FilterMax can work as an emission alarm as well as a safety filter. One FilterMax SFC module filters the air from one FilterMax module.

The maximum capacity is 4000 m³/h (2400 cfm), at heavy loads this is reduced down to 2000 m³/h (1200 cfm). For general filtration of dust or fume the capacity is 2000 m³/h (1200 cfm). The FilterMax SFC cabinet can be equipped with straight inlets or a combinations of 90° and straight inlets.
If the FilterMax SFC is used as a spark trap the capacity is 5000 m³/h (3000 cfm).

  • Flexible
  • Modular
  • Sturdy

Technical data
Capacity (max airflow m3/h) 2000 - 4000
Filter Area (m2) 9
Filter cleaning method One way filter
Installation Indoor, Outdoor
Material 2 mm painted steel, epoxy based zinc primer and top coat
Operating Temperature -20° C to +60° C
Working pressure (kPa) 0,35
Filtermax SFC

ArtNo: 12373910

Filter MAX SFC X

ArtNo: 12374228

Accessories for this product 9

Straight in/outlet Ø315 SFC
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Straight in/outlet Ø315 SFC

Bag filter EU8/F95
ArtNo: 12373916

Bag filter EU8/F95, 9m2 / 97ft2, 12 filter pockets

Straight in/outlet Ø500 SFC
ArtNo: 12373918

Straight in/outlet Ø500 SFC

Pressure switch LGW-A2.
ArtNo: 12374090

Pressure switch LGW-A2.

In/outlet section 90° SFC X
ArtNo: 12374230

In/outlet section 90° SFC

In/outlet open section 90° SFC X
ArtNo: 12374232

In/outlet open section 90° SFC X

Spark trap Filtermax SFC
ArtNo: 12374547

Accessories for SFC-cabinet create spark trap to FilterMax

Rain cover
ArtNo: 12374618

Rain cover

In- and outlet bottom section
ArtNo: 12374619

In- and outlet bottom section