Hand nozzles SF51mm

Hand nozzles for high vacuum cleaning system

The hand nozzles are to be connected to the SF51 swivelling coupling

Hand nozzle, hard brush Ø90mm, Ø51

ArtNo: 43860001

Hand nozzle, soft brush Ø90 mm

ArtNo: 43860200

Cone nozzle Length 250 mm, Ø51

ArtNo: 43862001

Toothed nozzle width 130 mm, Ø51

ArtNo: 43861001

Scraper nozzle, length: 1000 mm Ø51

ArtNo: 43851150

Scraper nozzle, length: 500 mm Ø51

ArtNo: 43851050

Bulk nozzle Length 910 mm, Ø51

ArtNo: 43850001

Bulk nozzle for floor with handle length 1200 mm, Ø51 mm

ArtNo: 43850150

Pipe nozzle (fits Ø 51 vaccum pipe) for pipes Ø 100

ArtNo: 43863001

Pipe nozzle (fits Ø 51 vaccum pipe) for pipes Ø 200

ArtNo: 43863100

Steel swarf nozzle, Ø50 mm, Silenced inlet

ArtNo: 40150030

Hand suct head d51 stainless

ArtNo: 43862003

Hand suction tool d51 flat

ArtNo: 43862004

Scraping tool d51 L=200

ArtNo: 43851052

Scraping tool d51 L=1000

ArtNo: 43851157

Accessories for this product 1

SV51, Flap valve swivelling Ø51
ArtNo: 43885001

Quick-coupl fem d51