MFS, Modular Filter System

Ideal for your capture at source extraction system

The Modular Filter System (MFS) simply solves the need of cleaning the air from contaminants (i.e. dust, fumes, aerosols) as well as gases and smells across a broad range of industrial or commercial applications. The modular construction means that the system is suitable for both small workspaces and larger manufacturing works. By supplementing with Nederman fans, extraction arms and control boxes, you can build up a solution for every workplace.

Depending of filter type, typical applications include filtration of contaminants generated from welding or grinding, in laboratory or dental environments, when mixing powders, in chemical handling or when odours from non-toxic solvents are present.

  • Simple and quick installation – few parts
  • Expandable system ideal for growing businesses
  • Can be supplemented with fan, extraction arm and control box
  • Economical and efficient

Technical data
Airflow (m³/h) 500 - 1000
Application Fumes, Dust
Filter Area (m²) Standard = 18 HEPA = 13 Compact = 5
Filter efficiency (%) 99,995
Installation Indoor
Suitable for combustible dust No
Filter type Cartridge
Number of filter elements 1

Accessories for this product 6

MFS filter with cartridge, console and connections
ArtNo: 12600444

MFS with Micro/HEPA filter

Replacement bracket for standard sized MFS filters
ArtNo: 12600644

Replacement bracket for standard sized MFS filters

Replacement filter for MFS Basic filter
ArtNo: 12600711

Filtercartridge, basic

Replacement filter for MFS HEPA + Carbon filter
ArtNo: 12600911

Filter Micro/HEPA/Carbon

Replacement filter for MFS Carbon filter
ArtNo: 12603461

Filter Carbon/Gas WallCart/MFS

MFS, HEPA 14 - Replacement filter
ArtNo: 12612844

Filter Micro/HEPA WallCart/MFS H14

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