CJ Cyklofilter-stoftavskiljare

Combines the advatages of cyclone separation with the efficiency of a bag filter

Nederman´s CJ Cyclofilter baghouse dust collector maximizes the separation of dust from the airstream. The result is a reduced upward velocity and dust load, thus maximizing bag life. This low dust load greatly improves the efficiency of the filter, even in the toughest of applications, giving typical emission levels of less than 0.1mg/m³ with only approx. 50% of the filter area of an alternative chain filter.

The Cyclofilter baghouse dust collector combines the advantages of cyclone separation with the efficiency of a bag filter. Available in positive or negative pressure configurations.
• The dust collector can be design to large handles large waste volumes
• Fitted explosion panels, certified under the ‘ATEX directive’
• Reduces residual dust concentration to less than 0.1 Mg/m³(6.243 lbs/ft3)
• Automatic ‘‘on demand’ pulse-jet cleaning of the filter bags
• Allows for 24hr operation, even with very high dust concentrations
• Monitored cleaning system requires very low compressed air consumption.
• Cost effective and efficient
• Virtually maintenance free due to lack of moving parts
• Durable filter housing

Caractéristiques techniques
Poussière, Granulé, Abrasif
Certifications CE, EX
Méthode de décolmatage Jet d'air pulsé
Efficacité de filtration (%) 99.9997
Installation Extérieur
Convient pour les poussières combustibles Yes
CJB-1 Cyclofilter

ArtNo: CJB-1

Type de filtre
Filtre à manche
CJB-2 Cyclofilter

ArtNo: CJB-2

Filtre à manche
CJB-3 Cyclofilter

ArtNo: CJB-3

Filtre à manche
CJB-4 Cyclofilter

ArtNo: CJB-4

Filtre à manche
CJB-5 Cyclofilter

ArtNo: CJB-5

Filtre à manche
CJB-6 Cyclofilter

ArtNo: CJB-6

Filtre à manche
CJB-7 Cyclofilter

ArtNo: CJB-7

Filtre à manche
CJB-8 Cyclofilter

ArtNo: CJB-8

Filtre à manche
CJB-9 Cyclofilter

ArtNo: CJB-9

Type de filtre
Filtre à manche