FS stoftavskiljare med platt filterpåse

Suitable for larger industrial plants with hot gas applications

The functional unit of a FS flat bag dust collector comprises of the hood for dust-laden gas, the filter casing, the dust collection hopper with support structure and discharge unit.

The dust collectors flat bags are arranged horizontally in the dirty gas chamber and the connection with the slotted wall by a clamping frame with leg springs is airtight. Air flow direction through the filter is from top to bottom (down-flow principle).

The gas enters the clean gas chamber of the filter through the flat bag. During this process, the dust is held back by the filter media and forms a filter cake which is important for dust filtration. The fully programmable dedusting process is activated after a specific time period and the dust is cleaned out of the filter flat bag. The dust falls into the collecting hopper and is conveyed out via the dust conveyor unit.

Air Volume Range: 10 000 to 250 000 m3/h (10,000 to 200,000 CFM)
•Filtering surface per filter house: 100 to 2500 m2 (1,076 -26,900 ft2)
•Modular construction
•Careful cleaning
•Low residual dust content due to special filter media
•Usable for temperatures up to 250 °C (482 °F)

Intelligent air cleaning system
The cleaning air fan and valve are located outside the filter. The cleaning air valve is connected to the mobile cleaning nozzle via a flexible hose. The cleaning nozzle is driven by a maintenance free rope-and-chain drive. It is positioned through the indexing mechanism. Use of the medium pressure system effectively eliminates peak dust emissions during the cleaning cycle. The mechanical element for the indexing mechanism is integrated into the deflecting station.

Offline effect
•Low difference between gross and net surface.
•No dust is drawn to adjacent bags.
•Low residual dust content.
•Very high dust collection efficiency
•Fine dust (PM10, PM 2,5)
Technical parameters:
•Pre-assembly of the filter in workshop.
•Compact, modular design.
•Small space requirements.
•Sort assembly time = low assembly costs.
•Leak-proof welded construction.
•Low maintenance costs.
•High availability.
•Offline cleaning during full-load operation.

Teknisk data
Rengjøringsmetode, filter Rensing med reversert luft
Installasjon Utendørs
Egnet for brennbart støv Yes
Filtertype Stavfilter
FS620/075 90

ArtNo: FS620-075-90