600A, Configurable

A powerful dust collector, for suction over long horizontal and vertical distance

The configuration of modules will be similar to 600A which are aimed for the toughest applications, for example handling a lot of abrasive and heavy material. The robustness of the unit and the power from the reliable ejector makes the unit very suitable for many applications where many industrial vacuum cleaners can not be used. For example to collect blasting material in blasting hall, sand recovery in foundries etc.
Your unit can be configured to meet your specific demands. Different ejectors can be used depending on the demand but also the availability of compressed air. The ejector can be placed on a stationary silo with filter.
A range of different discharge valves that can be fitted to the silo for easy discharge of the collected material.
If handling larger quantities of material, Nederman recommends using a pre separator before the vacuum unit.

To configure your 600A you may only choose ejectormodule, filtermodule, silomodule and discharge valve listed in this document and with mfc (module for configuration) in title.
1. Select ejectormodule depending on required vacuum and air flow.
2. Select filtermodule depending on filter capacity.
3. Select silomodule.
4. Select discharge valve.
5. Select cleaning equipment.

Choose how to control your butterfly valve:
1. Electric controlled - You need a namur valve, solenoid valve recommended for the ejector size you choose and a control box.
2. Air controlled - You need a namur valve.
Hose for air supply to the namur valve is not supplied by Nederman.

Ensure that all requirements for the modules are met. The height of your configuration is depending on what filtermodule and legs you choose.

  • Robust and efficient self-cleaning filter
  • Very powerful and reliable ejector as vacuum producer
  • Suitable for heavy and/or abrasive material
  • Control system with many different functions is available as an accessory

NE64, Ejectormodule with S200 lid and 2 quick couplings

ArtNo: 43051000

330 Nm3/h
NE74, Ejectormodule with S200 lid and 2 quick couplings

ArtNo: 43051001

318 Nm3/h
NE76, Ejectormodule with S200 lid and 2 quick couplings

ArtNo: 43051002

690 Nm3/h
NE96, Ejectormodule with S200 lid and 2 quick couplings

ArtNo: 43051003

660 Nm3/h
NCF3,15-I S200 Vyon F

ArtNo: 43162101

Kaars filter
Aantal filterelementen
NCF5,25-I S200 Vyon F

ArtNo: 43164101

Kaars filter
Aantal filterelementen
Silo S200 with plastic fasteners and abrasion plate. Conical 76mm inlet.

ArtNo: 43440023

Gewicht (kg)
Triangulär ram för silo

ArtNo: 43752001

Ben rakt l1500

ArtNo: 43756001

Ben rakt l2200 mm

ArtNo: 43756100

Stay-rör för ben 0920050 med 2 stöttor

ArtNo: 43757001

Toebehoren bij dit product 71

Spånmunstycke dia 50 mm
ArtNo: 40150030

Nozzle swarf D=50mm

ArtNo: 40375269

BLI (Bin Level Indicator) EX

Sugutrustning komplett d51/500
ArtNo: 42932100

Suct equip compl d51/500

Sugutrustning komplett d51/400
ArtNo: 42932300

Suct equip compl d51/400

Sugutrustning komplett d51/400
ArtNo: 42932800

Suct equip compl d51/400

Kontrollsystem för ejektorsugare, pneumatiskt
ArtNo: 43212001

Control Spneum for ne

Kontrollsystem för NE 22-76
ArtNo: 43220001

Control Sfor NE 22-76

Kontrollsystem för NE 22-76
ArtNo: 43220026

Control Sfor NE 22-76

Control system for ejectors
ArtNo: 43220034

Control System for Ejectors

Solenoid valve kit for NE 22-76
ArtNo: 43220035

Solenoid valve kit for NE 22-76

Solenoid valve kit for NE 86-96
ArtNo: 43220036

Solenoid valve kit for NE 88-96

Kontrollsystem för NE 86
ArtNo: 43222001

Control Sfor NE86-96

Kontrollsystem för NE 86
ArtNo: 43222008

Control Sfor NE86-96

Nivåkontroll för silo/container
ArtNo: 43251001

Level control f/silo/cont

Discharge valve manual
ArtNo: 43630001

Discharge valve manual

Discharge valve pneum
ArtNo: 43630100

Discharge valve pneum

Disch valve w/counterwt
ArtNo: 43630200

Disch valve w/counterwt

Discharge valve Linatex d100 set w/
ArtNo: 43630300

Discharge valve Linatex d100 set w/

Manually operated butterfly discharge valve
ArtNo: 43630400

Manual butterflyvalve kit, MFC

Pneumatically operated butterfly discharge valve
ArtNo: 43630500

Kit for pneumatic acuated valve,MFC

Kit for electric-controlled Namur valve
ArtNo: 43630501

Kit for solenoid namur 5/2 1/4"

Kit for air-controlled Namur valve
ArtNo: 43630502

Kit for Air-controlled Namur valve

Pinch valve DN65
ArtNo: 43632001

Pinch valve DN65

Pinch valve DN80
ArtNo: 43632100

Pinch valve DN80

Strypventil DN100
ArtNo: 43632200

Pinch valve DN100

Påshållare för 0920220/230
ArtNo: 43640001

Bagholder f/0920220/230

Säckhållare för 0920210
ArtNo: 43640003

Bagholder f/0920210

Säckhållare för big bag
ArtNo: 43640201

Bagholder f/big bag

Bagholder for big bag, MFC
ArtNo: 43640217

Bagholder for big bag, MFC

Plastic bag S50 - 25pcs 630x800
ArtNo: 43650104

Plastic bag S50 - 25pcs 630x800

Monteringsplatta för 0802010 +0801020
ArtNo: 43690001

Mountingplate f/0802010 +0801020

Hose PU12-51 L=7,5 m w. kopplingar
ArtNo: 43832102

Hose PU12-51 L=7,5m w. couplings

Slang PU12-51 L=10 m med kopplingar
ArtNo: 43832200

Hose PU12-51 L=10m w. couplers

Hose PU12 Ø 51 L=20m
ArtNo: 43832300

Hose PU12-51 L=20m

Hose PU12 Ø 51 L=5m
ArtNo: 43832500

Hose PU12-51 L=5m

Hose PU12 Ø 51 L=10m
ArtNo: 43832600

Hose PU12-51 L=10m

Slang PU12-63 L=10 m
ArtNo: 43833001

Hose PU12-63 L=10m

Hose PU12 Ø 63 L=20m
ArtNo: 43833100

Hose PU12-63 L=20m

Hose PU12 Ø 63 L=5m
ArtNo: 43833200

Hose PU12-63 L=5m

Slang PU12-76 L=10 m
ArtNo: 43834200

Hose PU12-76 L=10m

Hose PU12 Ø 76 L=20m
ArtNo: 43834300

Hose PU12-76 L=20m

Floor suct head d51/500
ArtNo: 43840150

Floor suct head d51/500

Floor suct headd51/400/65
ArtNo: 43840250

Floor suct headd51/400/65

Golvmunstycke d63/500
ArtNo: 43840400

Floor suct head d63/500

Brush suct head d51/400
ArtNo: 43840550

Brush suct head d51/400

Suction pipe d51 PEHD-el 1m
ArtNo: 43842001

Suction pipe d51 PEHD-el 1m

Suct pipe bend d51 antist
ArtNo: 43842150

Suct pipe bend d51 antist

Städrör alum d63
ArtNo: 43843001

Suction pipe alum d63

Städrör böj alum d63
ArtNo: 43843050

Suct pipe bend alum d63

Svivel stål d63
ArtNo: 43843100

Swivel steel d63

ArtNo: 43850001

Gulper head d51

ArtNo: 43850050

Gulper head d63

Bulkmunstycke d63 lucka
ArtNo: 43850051

Gulper head d63 hatch

ArtNo: 43850100

Gulper head d76

Bulkmunstycked51 med handtag
ArtNo: 43850150

Gulper head d51 w/handle

Bulkmunstycked63 med handtag
ArtNo: 43850200

Gulper head d63 w/handle

Bulkmunstycked76 med handtag
ArtNo: 43850250

Gulper head d76 w/handle

Skrapmunstycke d51 l500
ArtNo: 43851050

Scraping tool d51 l500

Skrapmunstycke d63 l500
ArtNo: 43851100

Scraping tool d63 l500

Skrapmunstycke d51 l1000
ArtNo: 43851150

Scraping tool d51 l1000

Skrapmunstycke d63 l1000
ArtNo: 43851200

Scraping tool d63 l1000

Skrapmunstycke d76 l1000
ArtNo: 43851250

Scraping tool d76 l1000

Handmunstycke h styv borste d51
ArtNo: 43860001

Hand suct h stiff brushd51

Tandat munstycke pp d51
ArtNo: 43861001

Hand suct head pp d51

Koniskt munstycke d51
ArtNo: 43862001

Conical nozzle d51

Slangkoppling d50
ArtNo: 43880050

Hose connector d50

Slangkoppling d63
ArtNo: 43880100

Hose connector d63

Slangkoppling konisk d76
ArtNo: 43880150

Hose connect conical d76

Slangreducering konisk d63-51
ArtNo: 43880250

Hose red conical d63-51

Reduktion konisk d76-51
ArtNo: 43880300

Red conical d76-51

Slangreducering konisk d76-63
ArtNo: 43880350

Hose red conical d76-63