Nederman Activated Carbon Filters

A suitable solution for exhaust and filtration of industrial odors.

The emission of odors

Numerous processes produce intense and unpleasant industrial odors as a by-product. This affects the health and productivity of workers beyond contamination of the environment.

Industrial odors are produced by the emission of gases, mists and particulates even in very low concentrations in a PPM level. For the correct control of odors the most common and accessible method with proven results is the exhaust and filtration through activated carbon. Activated carbon has adsorbing properties that neutralize odorous substances, reducing the environmental impact of odors.

A localized exhaust system equipped with an activated carbon filter is a simple solution to the frequent problem of odors released in industrial processes.

Industriais Odores

Whether in laboratories or processing areas, an exhaust system and odor filtering may be indispensable.

Nederman solutions for the odor control process

Activated Carbon MFS Filter

Modular filter that can be installed in series or parallel, MFS Activated Carbon is indicated in the filtration of odors at flow rates of up to 1,000 m3 / h which, as a rule, serves up to two localized exhaust points with 100mm diameter captors.

MFS Instalações

Carbon MFS filters, installed in parallel and in series, allow to achieve different flow rates and degrees of filtration

The MFS has an activated Carbon mass of 15kg per module and may be associated with a particulate pre-filter when necessary. Its installation in a series or in parallel allows a very flexible range in terms of flow and degree of filtration.

Informações MFS

Technical Data of MFS Activated Carbon Filter

FMC Carbon Filter

The FMC Carbon is a medium-sized modular filter equipped with easily removable activated carbon filter cartridges, which makes its maintenance quick and practical. The FMC Carbon is suitable for flow rates from 1,500 m3 / h to reach virtually any upper flow through the combined arrangement of the filter modules.

FMC Carbon instalado

The equipment has a built-in exhaust fan up to the version 8L (7,600 m3 / h), being installed with a floor standing fan connected by piping for arrangements with higher flow rates. It has a simple and quick installation since it is supplied already assembled. An on / off switch with motor protection makes filter installation even easier, and in the cases of a floor standing fan, an electric panel is supplied separately.

The filter cartridges are built with corrosion-resistant thermoplastic structure; a stainless steel version is also available for more aggressive applications. Each cartridge has a diameter of 145mm and a length of 600mm with a total weight of 4Kg and a mass of activated Carbon of 2.8Kg. The pin fitting makes its replacement extremely easy and fast allowing the constant maintenance of the equipment performance.

The equipment has a pre-filter for fine particulate retention which preserves the life of the activated Carbon cartridges. A pressure gauge indicates the degree of saturation of this pre-filter that is easily replaced through a plug-in drawer at the back.

The FMC Carbon filter is the most practical and economical option for odor control in industrial processes.

Informações FMC Carbon

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