Fine dust problems are easily solved by this high capacity vacuum unit

Efficient cyclonic preseparation of the dust before the absolute/HEPA filter. The manual filter cleaning method is extremely efficient and easy. The compressed air powered ejector system creates the high vacuum and airflow needed for successful material collection and transportation.

  • High suction capacity
  • Easy filter cleaning system
  • Double HEPA filter option

Teknisk data
Cerifikat CE
Tryckluftsbehov 3,0 Nm³/min
Filtermaterial Mikrofiber
Typ av filter Patron
Slangdimension (mm) 51
Slanglängd (m) 7,5
Max luftflöde (m3/h) 342
Max vaccum (kPa) -52
Antal filter 1
Ljudnivå (dB(A)) 75,5
Observera Med städutrustning, borste, koniskt och tandat munstycke.
Slangtyp PE/C