FilterMax F

Modular dust collector with integrated pre-separator

FilterMax F is a complete filter solution for the entire workshop. With it’s integrated preseparator the FilterMax F is ideal for applications with fume and coarse particles. FilterMax F is an efficient and compact filter with capacity up to 10 000 m³/h (6000 cfm) The FilterMax F is designed for industrial handling of none explosive dry dust and fume. The compact and efficient integrated pre-separator captures up to 80% of coarse particles and heavy sparks which will extend the lifetime of the filter cartridge. The small inner volume in combination with the air distributing support cage gives efficient cleaning. Shallow open pleats allows efficient removal of dust.
The cartridges is available in different materials. The flat pocket shaped minimizes the area of the “lost” media on top of the cartridge.
With it’s sturdy design, smooth inner surfaces, optimized angles of repose and digital control system, the filter fulfils stringent demands for continuous operation and effective filtration.
The modular design makes it easy to to expand the capacity of an installed system and will also make transportation, handling and installation as easy as possible. To simplify use and guarantee optimum performance, FilterMax F is equipped with Nederman’s automatic cleaning system. The pulse-jet system shoots short, powerful jets of air into the filter cartridges. The dirt is released from the filter surface and falls down into a container. The pulse-jet system cleans the filter cartridges in sequence while the filter is in operation.
The FilterMax F can also be cleaned after operation if so desired.
The FilterMax F cartridge is a high performance, compact filter cartridge. The design is optimized for efficient media usage with good cleaning properties.

To configure your Filtermax
1. Select model (DFO 40, 80 or 120)
2. Select inlet diameter
3. Select outlet diameter
4. Select container kit
5. Select Filter cartridge type
6. Select accessorie

  • Automatic control system
  • Pulse-jet cleaning system
  • Pulse-jet cleaning system
  • Integrated pre-separator / spark trap

Application 粉尘, 烟气
性能(最大风量m3/h) F 30 - 3 500 m3/h F 60 - 7 000 m3/h F 90 - 10 000 m3/h
证书 CE
压缩空气消耗量 70 N-litres/min at 30 sec intervals, 35 N-litres/cleaning pulse 2.5 cfm/min at 30 sec intervals, 1.25 cfm/cleaning pulse
压缩空气需求 4–6 bar / 60 - 90 psi, water and oil free
过滤方法 脉冲射流
过滤效能(%) 99
安装 室内, 室外
材料 3 mm painted steel, epoxy based zinc primer and top coat (C4 acc. to EN ISO 12944)
噪音水平(分贝) F 30, 50 dBA F 60, 63 dBA F 90, 73 dBA Acc to ISO 11203
Operating Temperature -20°C to +60 C Process air, 0°C to +60 C
保护等级 IP 54
工作压力(千帕) 0 to - 5,0, not over pressure
容器套件2 x 40 lit / 2 x 10.5 gal.包括适配器

ArtNo: 12373881

容器套件带轮子2 x 100 lit / 2 x 26.5 gal,包括适配器和延长脚

ArtNo: 12373897

适用于本产品的配件 18

进风口: 连接直径 Ø250 mm / 10”
ArtNo: 12373561

进风口 250,室外,F DF

进风口: 连接直径 Ø315 mm / 12”
ArtNo: 12373562

进风口315,室外,F DF

进风口: 连接直径 Ø400 mm / 16”
ArtNo: 12373563


进风口: 连接直径 Ø500 mm / 20”
ArtNo: 12373564

进风口500,室外,F DF

出风口:连接直径 Ø315 mm / 12”
ArtNo: 12373565

出风口315,室外,F DF

出风口: 连接直径 Ø400 mm / 16”
ArtNo: 12373566

出风口400,室外,F DF

出风口: 连接直径 Ø500 mm / 20”
ArtNo: 12373567

出风口500,室外,F DF

ArtNo: 12373603


额外灰尘收集器40 l / 10.5 gal..
ArtNo: 12373898

集尘器 401 FO

额外灰尘收集器(包括盖子) 100 lit / 26.5 gal
ArtNo: 12373899

灰桶 FO 100L 包括盖