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Nordfab QuickFit clamp together ducting

Worlds fastest industrial clamp together ducting

Nederman is a proud distributor of Nordfab Ducting. The galvanised QF (quick-fit) clamp together ducting is one of the quickest ducting on the market to assemble. Quick-Fit clamp-together ducting eliminates rivets, screws, and welds.

The clamp-together design allows installations, clean-outs and changes to take only a fraction of the time it takes for traditional ducting. It clamps together in seconds! Quick-Fit’s laser welded leak-tight longitudinal seams provide smooth, no hang-up interiors. For industrial ventilation, dust extraction and pneumatic transport, there are especially demanding requirements for high vacuum and hard wear. Then our mild steel pipe system is the obvious choice.

Easy to assemble - faster installation

  • Joined with clamps – components can be removed and re-used
  • Easy to connect to existing pipe systems
  • Components and joints to match all systems
  • Adjustable QF fit makes it easy to join pipes together
  • Smooth inside surface prevents blockages
  • Increased stability and roundness in all areas with QF edge

Individual adjustment and great flexibillity

Nordfab's QF clamp together ducting is made of fully galvanised steel sheet and is distinguished by its stable shape and smooth surface. The components have a pressed smooth collar that the QF clamp is placed over. The QF clamp has internal packing to guarantee a tight joint. The ductwork can be branched and adapted without any tools. The QF pipe system includes a complete range of 60° Y-pipes, 30° branches, 30° plug-in pipes, joints, reducers, guillotine dampers, automatic dampers etc. This guarantees individual adjustment and great flexibility, along with the facility to match to other pipe systems. Nederman is a proud distributor of Nordfab Clamp-Together Ducting

 Quick fit ducting pipe



Quick fit ducting adjustable nipple

Adjustable nipple 


Quick fit ducting clamp 



 Quick fit ducting bend



 Quick fit ducting bend



 Quick fit ducting branch



Quick fit ducting Y-branch



 Quick fit ducting double branch

Double branch


 Quick fit ducting T-pipe



Quick fit ducting cut in 30°

Cut in 30° 


Quick fit ducting cut in 90°

Cut in 90° 


 Quick fit ducting end piece

End piece


Quick fit ducting inlet pipe with wire guard

Inlet pipe with wire guard 


 Quick fit ducting suction hood

Suction hood


 Quick fit ducting reducers



Quick fit ducting transitions



A dust collection system can be described as a vacuum cleaner where the dust collection ductwork is the hose and wand that draws the dust away from the machine creating it. And the dust collector is the vacuum cleaner where the dust is filtered and the clean air returned either to the building or to outside. Dust collection ductwork falls into two major categories: Flexible hose and fixed ductwork.

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