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MagnaTrack Green Exhaust Extraction System

(Available only in North America)

The Magna Track Green uses a strong permanent magnet made from special alloys and is designed for use in emergency stations. The Magna Track Green is designed to be environmentally friendly and is constructed of recyclable material as well as providing energy savings for building solutions. The MagnaTrack Green does not use any electrical components, which saves on energy costs. The release system ensures controlled and safe release of the nozzle

  • No stress on the vehicle tailpipe and hose assembly
  • Open Nozzle design for ambient air
  • Virtually no tail pipe modification
  • Energy saving for building solutions
  • Capacity: 1 vehicle per system
  • Designed for low level tail pipes
  • For back-in or drive through

The exhaust hose is supported from a balancer assembly with trolley, which moves in an aluminum guide track. A mechanical disconnection system assists to release the magnet assembly from the apparatus in a smooth one step process, eliminating stress on the apparatus’ tailpipe and minimizing strain on the exhaust hose and ceiling brackets.

The system is available in lengths from 6 to 12 m (20 to 40 ft.) Nozzles are available for multiple tail pipe configurations for low level exhaust pipes.