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NMS - Monitoring System for complete fluid control

Liquid and oil monitoring system for improved profit and service for Vehicle Repair Shops

The NMS lubrication monitoring system for complete fluid control accurately monitors and supplies the correct amount of oils and liquids to each vehicle without manual handling or tapping. It also informs suppliers when it is time to refill tanks. This is the end of spillage, loss and unnecessary stoppages. (Not sold in the US)

  • Up to 250 delivery points
  • Complete liquid control

Fluig handling system for oil, grease and multi-fluids

Complete fluid handling system

For complete control of oil, grease and multi-fluids distributed from a central storage area to the vehicles and work stations where they are easily accessible from various hose reels

  1. Tank with pump 
  2. I/O cabinet
  3. Field bus converter 
  4. Customer PC (Not offered by Nederman) 
  5. Operator terminal 
  6. Tapping point valve unit 
  7. Bar code reader 
  8. Tapping point

Very fast payback for any type of vehicle repair shops

The Nederman Monitoring System automatically measures and supplies the correct amount of oil and liquids to each vehicle. Correct invoicing means satisfied customer. The NMS also informs when it is time to refill storage tanks ‐ no need for emergency orders or unnecessary stoppages. Better logistics lead to fewer and well planned deliveries, reducing environmental impact. 

In the workshop, service personnel set a personal code, vehicle information, work order etc. before dispensing liquids. A pre‐set amount of liquid can be tapped – or, if preferred any optional amount. This is registered into the NMS, which is controlled at a central computer unit. The detailed information is stored and can be accessed at all times. Nederman NMS consists of different software modules, which enables easy adaption to any workshop or demand. It is fully integrable with different business systems and can be used for invoices, receipts, statistics etc. In the statistics menus, you can control the consumption and are always updated about purchase.

Can control up to 250 delivery points and 20 mini-terminals

NMS can be used with any common computer with Windows 4.0, Windows 2000 / XP Professional. The system consists of a number of terminals, which are connected to a central computer. At each delivery point there is valve equipment consisting of a pulse generator and a solenoid valve, both controlled by an I/O-cabinet. The system is modular and can easily be expanded to consist of maximum 250 delivery points and 20 mini-terminals.

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