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Reverse jet tubular bag dust collectors for many applications that generate light to heavy volumes of any dust

Suitable for many different applications that generate light to heavy volumes of any dust
The MJC range of reverse jet tubular bag dust collectors was developed for continuous operation in industrial process filtration and dust collection applications; incorporating patented Nederman UniClean cartridge technology for maximum cleaning efficiency and extended life.

Air Volume Range: 1.700 to 68.000 m3/hr (1,000 to 40,000 CFM)

Cleaning controller type NF8HD250 in IP65 enclosure, supply voltage 230/220/110V.

Key features:
Standard filter range from 48 to 739m2 (517 to 7,955 ft2); larger units possible
Typical airflow volumes up to 60.000m3/h (35,340 CFM), or more, subject top application
Robust weatherproof welded steel construction
Space saving integral fans from 0.75 to 18.5kW (1 to 25hp)
Independently tested with ATEX compliant features for St1, St2 and St3 dusts
Integral pre-separation chamber, cross flow / down flow inlet air pattern
Wide range of discharge and waste handling options

Typical dust control and process applications:

  • Bulk materials handling – conveying, screening, sieving, mixing, bin/silo venting
  • Shot, sand and bead blasting
  • Shot, sand and bead blasting
  • Welding and cutting – laser, plasma, arc
  • Chemical, plastics and pharmaceutical powders

Technische gegevens
Stof, Grit, Dampen
Certificeringen CE, EX
Filter reinigingsmethode Perslucht
Installatie Binnen, Buiten
Standaard 2014/34/EC2004/108/EC2006/95/ECEN 13463-1EN 60204-1
Geschikt voor explosief stof Yes
Filtertype Cartridge filter
MJC 48/40/43

ArtNo: MJC48/40/43

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MJC 64/40/44

ArtNo: MJC64/40/45

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MJC 80/40/54

ArtNo: MJC80/40/55

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MJC 96/40/38

ArtNo: MJC96/40/39

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MJC 128/40/48

ArtNo: MJC128/40/49

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MJC 160/40/58

ArtNo: MJC160/40/59

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MJC 192/40/68

ArtNo: MJC192/40/69

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MJC 224/40/80

ArtNo: MJC224/40/79

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