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New energy saving LED lights for fume extraction arms

LED lights are 4X brighter than the old halogen bulbs and use about 70% less energy. They are 100% interchangeable with the old halogen lights. Contact us today for LED upgrade kits.
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Nederman's Commitment to Sustainability

Nederman's Commitment to Sustainability

Acting ethically and responsibly is not only important to our vision– we see it as a prerequisite for our business.

Working with sustainability in a structured way gives a competitive advantage. It also helps us identifying potential risks and cost reductions.

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Nederman Welding Fume Extraction Arms

We have welding fume extraction arms for every work environment. Capturing fumes at the source with extraction arms is one of the most efficient ways to keep fumes out of your welder's breathing zone.

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Download Nederman Product Catalogue 2012

Nederman Product Catalogue

Download the Nederman product catalogue. The product catalogue is available in 11 languages. View it online on Issuu or download a copy in your language today.

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Our Sub-brands

Nederman also provides advanced engineered solutions and large systems through our sub brands MikroPul, Pneumafil, and LCI.

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About Nederman

Nederman is a global leader in industrial air filtration and resource management.

Our products and solutions contribute to reducing the environmental impact from industrial production processes and to creating a safe and clean working environment whilst boosting production efficiency.

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