Clean air with Nederman solutions for industrial air filtration

Protecting people, planet and production from harmful effects of industrial processes

Nederman insight cloud services

Unleash New Levels of Performance!

Track system performance, predict maintenance needs and prove compliance with Nederman Insight cloud services. 70 years of leading industrial air filtration expertise built-in!

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Nederman Filtac´s Oil Mist Filtration solution for high-efficiency air filtration

Cleaning the Air 24/7

Do you need a rock solid solution for high-efficiency air filtration in your metalworking operations? Nederman Filtac’s Oil Mist Filters provide superior results 24/7.

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Safe solutions for handling explosive dust and gases - combustible dust

Prevent Dust Explosions

Nederman has wide experience of providing dust extraction solutions for handling potentially explosive dusts - combustible dust.

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  • Nederman booth at Fabtech 2016

    Complete solutions for welding and machining – new products presented at Fabtech USA 2016

    With the launch of the new products and concepts at Fabtech USA 2016, we have further developed our total solutions package. On display at Fabtech, November 16-18, was Nederman’s new welding and machining concepts, Air Purification Tower, Oil Mist Filter, and Nederman Insight Cloud Services.
  • Equipment for extraction of welding fumes and dust

    Select the right solution for extraction of welding fumes and dust

    How do you achieve safe and profitable welding? Nederman offers various solutions for removing harmful dust, smoke and and fumes. The solution that's right for you depends on what welding method is used and how often. Where possible, extraction at source is the most effective method to collect a...
  • Welders health and safety hazards

    Health and safety hazards associated with welding

    For a welder, professionalism is not just about being able to weld efficiently. It is also about knowing the risks of the job and knowing how to work safely and with good equipment. Various methods are used for welding. No matter which method is used there are risks relating to fire, fumes and ra...


Clean air and environemnt with Nederman sustainable solutions for industrial air filtration


As a leading supplier of environmental technology for over 70 years, Nederman has helped reduce the environmental impact from industrial production and create safe and clean working environments. Today we focus more than ever on progressing our positive contribution to sustainable production.

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