Temple Furniture's Dust Collection System Upgrade Provides a More Efficient, Cleaner and Safer Work Environment

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Temple Furniture is a third generation living room furniture manufacturer based in Maiden, NC USA. Temple creates quality, American-made upholstered sofas, sectionals, chairs, ottomans and more with selections from over 500,000 fabrics. Temple invested in new CNC router equipment for in-house framing and finishing operations with an upgraded dust collection system to achieve more production efficiency and a cleaner, safer work environment.

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Since 1962, Temple Furniture has offered quality living room furniture relying on various manufacturing processes and equipment investments to keep up with demand. In the early 2000s, Temple Furniture automated their fabric and cloth cutting operations and quickly improved production efficiency with reduced labor costs and a reduction in wasted materials. Temple had growing customer demand for custom furniture orders. The ability to offer their customers different styles and sizes of frames needed  required an upgrade to Temple's machinery operations, specifically a need for their own in-house CNC router to meet this new product demand more quickly. Previously they relied on one outside vendor and this created risk to their operation and stifled their growth opportunity. Temple contracted with their local machinery dealer (Quis Machinery) to procure a new CNC router, which Nederman was recommended as a complete dust control solution provider for a safe and compliant wood dust filtration system. Temple wanted best-in-class manufacturing equipment to propel their growth in sales.

Sales Volume Growth Requires Dust Collector Upgrade

Manufacturing tasks grew as production expanded, this led to an increase in dust volumes. Temple required a second CNC router machine and a new grinder for plywood frame cutting. They had to upgrade their in-house dust collection system to something larger to accommodate their growth in production.

In 2019, Temple invested significantly in their production equipment to include automation, new CNC router machinery and a modernized dust collection system. Temple migrated their dust collection machinery outside and upgraded to the new LBR SmartFilter solution from Nederman. 

temple furniture lbr smartfilter 

Exterior Dust Collection Improves Working Conditions

Temple noticed improvements to their working conditions with the newly installed LBR SmartFilter outside their manufacturing facility:

  • A much cleaner indoor work environment with dust collection migrated outdoors, which eliminated the process of dirty dust collector bag "change outs,
  • Improved safety where forklifts are no longer required to lift up heavy boxes of dust to transport them outside,
  • Improved production efficiency as bag change outs were time consuming and production had to be interrupted. 

Production Efficiency Achieved with Modern Dust Collection System

A properly designed dust collection system has been a game changer to production efficiency in regards to the handling of wood waste. Wood dust and chips from grinding operations are collected efficiently into an outside dumpster which is emptied and changed out as designed. This also freed up valuable production floor space and prevented system downtime. Previously, production had to be shut down multiple times a day to empty the dust bins which impacted production.

New SmartFilter System Monitoring Helps Increase Safety

To ensure that Temple’s factory remains safe and productive, an effective and efficient approach to dust control needed to be taken. From concept, design, installation and commissioning, Nederman provided a fully configured dust control solution - the new LBR SmartFilter configured with combustible dust safety devices (CARZ Explosion Isolation Flap Valves,) energy efficient fans and a full ducting package. The LBR SmartFilter paired with Nederman Insight has system monitoring to track key performance indicators that are critical to production. Being alerted if the dust collection system is not working properly is helpful to maintain safe working conditions, prevent fires and maintain production efficiency. 

CARZ Explosion Isolation  

CARZ Explosion Isolation Flap Valve | LBR SmartFilter Insight Control Panel

Employee Satisfaction Critical to Temple's Success


"There is no need to work overtime. Personnel are very happy having a consistent family-friendly schedule. We can maintain a typical 40-hour work week and our high volume production without committing to overtime hours. Our workplace turnover has decreased and we have been able to maintain a consistent workforce which helps with training and change-over costs. We have been able to weather COVID and supply chain challenges in recent years due to our investment in our team members."

"I’ve been blessed to be in a leadership position leading these fine folks and I let them know how much I appreciate them. We’ve been steady and I’m thankful of that. It’s all because of the team that we have here at Temple Furniture to conquer these challenges,” Kelly McRee, General Manager, Temple Furniture

Dust generated by woodworking manufacturing processes create serious health and safety risks to workers and assets. Left uncontrolled, wood dust creates poor indoor air quality, accumulates on machinery causing accelerated wear and tear and creates combustible dust risks including fires and explosions. Woodworking manufacturers, like Temple Furniture, need effective dust collection solutions to create a safe and productive work environment. The team at Temple Furniture knew they needed a long-term solution to not only assure employees of efficiency in their production line, but provide a cleaner, safer and quieter work environment.

Contact our combustible dust experts to ensure a properly designed solution for your wood dust collection needs. 


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