Nanofiber Filter Upgrade Yields Efficiency Improvements for an Industrial Steel Pipe Manufacturer

A long-standing mining and metal solutions provider for infrastructure and oil and gas customers worldwide needed a fume extraction solution to handle difficult welding applications found during the manufacturing process of heavy industrial steel pipes.

Filter Cleaning Challenge

A portable fume extraction solution was needed for this company to handle a 50/50 mix of the welding fumes from flux core welding processes using a gas mix of 75% Argon and 25% CO2 and approximately a half day of solid core welding. Their filter life was less than one month on their original filters and knew they needed something more efficient and easier to clean to handle their difficult welding application. After only a few days of operation, they experienced frequent filter cleaning cycles and alarms sounding too often.  By the end of life, an alarm was sounding after only minutes of use between cleanings.   

Nanofiber for Improved Filter Life

Nederman supplied a new replacement cartridges for the FilterBox 12A utilizing nanofiber filter technology. After installing the new and improved cartridges, they experienced an improvement in the filter life from about four weeks to now lasting nine to twelve months. In addition to prolonged filter life, they experienced reduced cleaning alarms and more uptime. After only three weeks of operation, it was clear the nanofiber filter technology was superior.

nanofiber filter media

Why Upgrade? NanoFiber Upgrade

Weld fumes surface loads better on nanofiber than the original spunbond polyester media, allowing the filters to clean better utilizing compressed air. Retrofitting their existing FilterBox units was quickly and easily done by removing the rubber flaps included with the original cleaning and added the new Nanofiber cartridge filter. No other changes were necessary.

Upgrade your existing FilterCart or FilterBox units to our NEW! Nanofiber media

The new Nanofiber cartridges are backwards compatible so you can get the same performance as our newest product simply by buying a new filter cartridge.

Mobile Unit Compatibility for Nanofiber Filter Upgrades

 nanofiber filter upgrade compatibility

*Please note that although the filter has a metal mesh, mechanical cleaning needs to be disengaged. Refer to replacement filter instructions.

Learn more about our new range of FilterCart and FilterBox mobile fume and dust extraction units with Nanofiber filter material here

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