Ensure filtration system performance with ease using our industry-specific, digital platform

Nederman Insight provides you with much more than a filter. Much more than raw data. We provide you with key insights that help you get more out of your filters, with less effort, and less cost. 

Count on us

It may be the lack of system overview. Or high energy costs. You may lack in-house expertise or be struggling with downtime due to air filtration problems. Perhaps you need to verify your environmental performance. With more than 75 years of experience in air filtration, we understand air filtration issues and have developed Nederman Insight to help you address them. 

Act now and get ahead of the curve

New times need new approaches and that is just what Nederman Insight offers. Getting on board early will give you a series of advantages - short and long term - that help you get ahead.

• Understand your filtration process and start driving down TCO now
• Collect data and develop insights that provide a base-line for future improvements
• Support your environmental strategy by monitoring energy use and reducing consumption
• Equip engineers and operators to work proactively with filter optimization, regardless of their location

Nederman Insight act now

Nederman Insight expets close at hand


Experts close at hand

The best news is you don’t need to be an expert yourself to enjoy the full benefits of our air filtration systems. Our own application experts are here to advise and support you. With performance data uploaded to the cloud, they can diagnose problems without being physically present. They can simply review the data together with your operators and describe the best course of action. 



The bottom line

By connecting to Nederman Insight, you can go a long way to understanding your filtration system and improving its performance. 

Accessibility – you’re always connected 

Control – you get a system overview and customized alerts and alarms 

Peace of mind – you’re free to focus on core business


Nederman Insight the bottom line

A smarter solution

Today, Nederman Insight offers three core modules