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It has never been more important for metal fabricators to keep welders healthy, safe and productive.

Weld fume extraction solutions that are effective, energy efficient, easy-to-use and maintain are an important part of keeping them protected and productive.


Experience Clean Air in a whole new way with live demonstrations of our latest technology and services. Whether you're looking to reduce health and safety risks, improve energy efficiency, ensure regulatory compliance, or boost productivity, our team can help.


Visit our booth and immerse yourself in the future of weld fume extraction! You'll discover firsthand how our range of local exhaust, on-torch and central fume control solutions can keep your workers safe and productive and your operation energy efficient. Limited free tickets are available, register now to apply >>

Do you want to know more about our exhibition stand? Read more about Nederman at Schweissen & Schneiden>>


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Want to learn more how you can optimise the air filtration in your metal fabrication site or workshop to improve energy efficiency, reduce health & safety risks and boost your productivity? Take the opportunity to book a 1-on-1 meeting where our experienced Clean Air experts will guide you through the products and solutions in our stand as well as the new energy-saving system Nederman SAVE. Sign up to our Clean Air Tour now >>





MCP SmartFilter. A future-proof dust and fume collector for the most challenging applications. With sensors and remote monitoring options with Nederman Insight, the MCP prepares you for an automated and energy efficient future.  


 Nederman mobile dust and fume extraction

Mobile Fume Extractors.
A broad range of work-station fume control solutions for local exhaust, on-torch, cobot, confined space or maintenance welding applications. >>


Nederman SAVE intelligent airflow control 

Nederman SAVE
Reduce energy consumption by up to 70% on existing and new fume control systems through intelligent airflow control. SAVE also reduces noise level, captures production data and increases capacity. >>



myAir Service Platform.Nederman meets customers where their service and maintenance needs are through a scalable platform of intelligent filters, digital monitoring and on-site services >>