Mobile dust and fume extractors with optimized Nanofiber filter technology – for high demand applications

Updated range of mobile FilterBox and FilterCart dust and fume extraction units with optimized Nanofiber filter technology, for longer cleaning intervals and longer lifetime.

Many industrial processes generate contamination to the air or in the facilities in form of fumes, dust and particles. Airborne contaminants can be hazardous to the human health and it´s important to make sure they are extracted at the source before reaching the breathing zone. Not only workers are at risk in unsafe environments, the production equipment, as well as the end products, are negatively affected from the lack of adequate safety measures.

Importance of fume and dust control

Fumes, dust and particles are generated in many different ways. Typical sources are weld fume or dust from cutting, grinding, sanding or handling of powders. Nederman offers everything from single products to complete systems. No matter what your process looks like we can recommend a complete solution from our extensive solution specific product portfolio, helping you to take control over your factory air.

Mobile fume and dust extractors

When mobility, flexibility and a compact footprint is key, a mobile solution is the often the best way to avoid contaminant exposure. Nederman FilterBox and FilterCart range of mobile fume and dust extraction units are easy to move around your factory to wherever the extraction is needed. FilterBox and FilterCart have user-friendly design based on proven technology with disposable or cleanable filters for long life between filter changes. Their versatility in terms of capacity, features and filter types enable them to perform optimal in most applications.

Find the right filter for your application!

Nanofiber is the preferred choice for welding applications as it offers the best customer value in terms of longest filter life and lowest total running cost. It also has high efficiency making it suitable for High Alloy applications: F9 (EN779) and MERV 15 (ASHRAE 52.2).

Nanofiber technology for improved extraction of weld and thermally generated fumes

Nederman Nanofiber filter media is ideally suited for the effective capture of fumes generated during welding processes and is used not only in larger filters but is now available for our mobile FilterCart and FilterBox units.

Nanofiber technology is a thin layer of synthetic fibers that is deposited on the surface of a proprietary filter base sheet. This fine layer is extremely efficient in capturing sub-micron particles which are respirable for humans and depending on the process, may also include carcinogens such as hexavalent chrome.

As the Nanofiber capturers the small particles on the surface before they can penetrate and become clogged in the base layer, the ability to clean the filter is significantly improved.

nanofiber filter media 


upgrade nanofiber filter media

Upgrade your existing FilterCart or FilterBox units to our NEW! Nanofiber media

The new Nanofiber cartridges are backwards compatible so you can get the same performance as our newest product simply by buying a new filter cartridge.

Mobile Unit Compatibility for Nanofiber Filter Upgrades

 nanofiber filter upgrade compatibility

*Please note that although the filter has a metal mesh, mechanical cleaning needs to be disengaged. Refer to replacement filter instructions.


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