Improve efficiency and savings from your FMC dust collector

Improve efficiency & savings from your FMC dust collector

Improve your FMC with a simple change

The new Nederman nanofiber cartridge CA178 was developed together with an improved filter cleaning system, resulting in significant performance benefits. Cartridge filters and the cleaning system are key components for the performance of your Nederman FMC dust collection system.

By simply changing your current filter cartridge and the cleaning blow pipe, you get:

FMC filter benefits

What does it mean for you?

  • Healthier work environment: thanks to the nanofiber layer, the very small particles from welding and cutting fumes are efficiently trapped on the surface of the cartridge and easily eliminated.
  • Low operating cost: the improved automatic filter cleaning assures long filter lifetime, reducing the frequency of replacement.
  • Energy efficiency and low utility cost: the new cleaning system has a stronger pulse that demands less compressed air usage.
  • Cleaner air: the nanofiber layer and the optimized cleaning system assure higher filtration and more efficient cleaning.

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What is Nanofiber media?

A fine layer applied to the surface of the cartridge that prevents particles from getting trapped underneath the media’s surface, allowing surface capture of fumes and easier cleanability.