Control and Monitoring Systems

Optimised filtration performance through intelligent airflow control

Control and monitoring devices for dust and fume extraction are essential for safety and efficiency in industrial processes. These offerings provide tailored solutions for a wide range of customer needs, while working seamlessly with Nederman dust collectors to ensure efficient extraction of dust and fumes and more. When connected to Nederman Insight platform, these devices offer advanced monitoring and control capabilities, including cloud-based filtration analytics, alarms, remote monitoring, and proactive troubleshooting, further optimizing performance and ensuring a safer working environment.

Nederman SAVE offers the ultimate optimization and performance enhancements to your new or existing industrial filtration system. By utilizing operational information from machines or processes, it determines the amount of air and pressure required for proper dust extraction and safe material transport, resulting in reduced energy consumption, fire and explosion risk, and maintenance time.​.. This versatile technology can optimize filtration systems for various processes, such as wood manufacturing, welding, and dry dust applications. Nederman SAVE also supports industries in their transformation efforts by providing energy management, compliance, health and safety, and process data tracking solutions for automation, digitalization, and Industry 4.0 investments.
Insight Control and Monitoring solutions provide a comprehensive control and monitoring platform for filtration systems. They utilize Insight Control, a digital touchscreen controller that operates the system, collects sensor data, and presents it in a user-friendly interface. The controller complies with industrial alarm standards and acts as a gateway to connect to Nederman' s cloud-based IIoT platform, Insight. This technology optimizes filtration systems for different processes, including wood manufacturing, welding, and dry dust applications.