oil mist collection

Oil Mist Collection

Providing oil mist collection solutions for your workplace

Oil mist almost always results in oily premises, equipment and products. Modern metalworking machinery is often controlled by sensitive electronics and production is lowered by unplanned disruptions – caused by contaminated circuit boards. Handling equipment and pieces of products coated in a thin film of oil is not an acceptable working practice and definitely not production-friendly. Removing oil mist is therefore essential for workplace safety and cleanliness. 

Oil mist affects the health of machine operators, disrupts production and settles everywhere in the area, resulting in slippery floors and work surfaces. Almost all machining operations create oil mist to some extent. Oil mist is the aerosol that is formed when oil is used for cooling or lubricating during the machining of metal and some plastic components. Oil smoke is formed when oil contacts the hot machined surface, vaporizes, and condenses as sub-micron particles.  

It is well known that prolonged and repeated exposure to oil products can be harmful to health, which means that good ventilation must be ensured under all working conditions. Oil emulsions normally contain 90-95% water and the remaining is soluble oil. The oil mist consists of aerosols from oil or oil/water emulsion. Mineral oil-based metalworking fluids are known as neat cutting oils or straight oils. Emulsions normally contain a number of undisclosed additives. 

Rock solid solutions for high-efficiency air filtration

Nederman solutions for oil mist filtration are designed for continuous operations in demanding airflow applications. Our unique FibreDrain® technology ensures superior separation performance and long filter media life, thus minimizing your overall costs and ensuring total peace of mind. A wide range of filters is available, covering the entire spectrum from wet to medium wet and semi dry (MQL) and dry applications. 

Nederman  oil mist filters feature a unique, specially treated fibre surface that allows the collected droplets to coalesce, grow in fibre intersections and finally drain by gravity out of the filter medium. This technology, called FibreDrain® ensures superior efficiency even under the most challenging conditions in continuous operations.

The filters don’t absorb or get clogged by the oil. Instead, thanks to FibreDrain®, the air is thoroughly cleaned and a maximum amount of coolant can be retrieved and reused.


When the application requirements are lower?

There might be situations where the demands are lower. When the machines are in operation for short periods at low concentrations. Examples could be repair workshops, customized metal machining workshops and machines for special products. In these applications, the Nederman NOM product range might be considered as a solution, if the below criteria is fulfilled:

  • One- shift operations allowing the unit to drain off-line
  • Emulsion coolants only - not for neat oil applications
  • Low aerosol concentrations
  • Max airflow 2800 m³/h

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