Dust collection and recycling in woodworking

How clean air in woodworking industries can keep you safe, compliant & energy efficient

Dust generated by woodworking manufacturing processes creates serious health and safety risks to workers and assets. Left uncontrolled, the sawdust creates occupational hazards including poor indoor air quality, accumulation on machinery causing accelerated wear and tear and combustible dust risks including fires and explosions. All woodworking industries need effective dust collection solutions to create a safe, compliant and energy efficient work environment. As the world’s leading provider of industrial air pollution control equipment, Nederman is your total solution provider for woodworking dust collection. With our vast experience and renowned expertise we guide you through the challenges in the woodworking industry. We help you improve the efficiency and safety of your workers as well as secure your operation for coming technological development.



Safety and compliance - Ensure a safe and compliant workplace in woodworking industries 

Exposure to airborne wood and sawdust is a worker hazard to take seriously. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) considers wood dust a Group 1 human carcinogen and global health and safety organizations including the HSE and OSHA have set stringent exposure limits and recommends an exhaust ventilation system capturing the dust at the source as the preferred protection approach.


Combustible Dust is one of the most serious risks caused by dust in manufacturing environments


Risks of fires or explosions within the woodworking industry are well documented. In fact, the Combustible Dust Safety Institute estimates that roughly 28% of all industrial combustible dust incidents occur within woodworking factories. Combustible dust standards may seem confusing and difficult to understand as it involves the full design, operation and maintenance of the complete dust collection system. It is important to consult with industry experts who are experienced with these full systems to mitigate the risk of combustible dust.

Ensure compliance with combustible dust regulations

All Nederman solutions are fully compliant with ATEX and NFPAThese standards include requirements on duct system design, filter construction, controls, explosion isolation and proper maintenance of the dust collection system. Nederman has developed a rigorous combustible dust sales process that keeps our team informed of the latest standards and helps advise our customers on achieving compliance. 


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Energy efficiency - Save energy in the woodworking industry

Wood manufacturing is a heavy energy consuming industry. Ensuring that your air filtration system is designed using best practices and best available technology to optimise process efficiency and energy use is critical to reducing operational costs and increasing profits. Reclaiming wood waste for sale or energy production is another important aspect of sustainability in wood manufacturing.

How to reduce energy consumption in wood manufacturing

Modern technology provides opportunities for more energy efficient operation than ever before. Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), reverse air technology, advanced filter media and intelligent controls all can yield substantial reductions in energy consumption as well as optimise the process efficiency. Integrated IIoT connections provides effective real-time communication which enables to take control of the energy consumption in a whole new level. Regular service and maintenance on the filters, fans and material handling devices also play a critical role in energy efficient operation.

Wood waste management for a sustainable and circular industry

Instead of sending wood waste to landfills, it can be repurposed and sold as wood chips, mulch, or used as biomass for energy production. By implementing wood waste recovery programs, wood manufacturers can not only reduce their waste and disposal costs but also contribute to a circular economy and improve their sustainability. We are very experienced in integrated material handling systems into our filtration solutions in a safe and effective way. Further, proper handling of the collected wood waste is also an important aspect of dust collection system that may impact both profits and sustainability.



World leading provider of industrial air filtration solutions for woodworking manufacturing processes

Whether the application is small or large, simple or complex, manual or automated, Nederman assesses each customers’ unique needs and develops solutions that effectively and efficiently protect your workers and facilities.


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