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Fume and dust management in grinding and welding operations


Fume and dust management in grinding and welding operations demand careful system designs. When collecting dust and fumes in a manufacturing environment, not only does the system you use have to draw harmful materials away from operators, it needs to do so in a manner that safely guards against the risk of explosions or fire in the dust or fume collector.

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Industrial IoT help you to reduce your electricity consumption


A well-functioning air filtration system is critical for a good working environment, optimised production and minimal energy consumption in the manufacturing industry. Active monitoring of the processes can avert problems that hinder efficient operation and simultaneously reduce energy consumption.

A mudança está no ar e a tecnologia de ar limpo também

Change is in the air and so is clean air technology


As the world transitions from a pandemic posture more to something that resembles “normalcy”, there are many learnings and takeaways each of us have obtained both personally and professionally. I hope that one consistent lesson we will all agree on is the need for increased emphasis on air quality in the spaces we live and work in.

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Air filtration systems can save millions of lives


Every day people die from breathing. In an average day, 20,000 people die prematurely because the air they breathe is polluted. Still, we have to keep breathing. With modern air filtration systems, it´s possible to capture and filter the hazardous particles in the air, saving millions of lives as well as mitigating global climate change.

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Wood waste management in leading furniture manufacturing company


Millennium Furniture Co., Ltd.*, are a key company in the supply chain of one of the world’s largest furniture manufacturing companies and has recently expanded their production with two new plants. To meet the challenges of handling the large volumes of air needed due to combustible dust from MDF and particle board in the production, and to meet the strict requirements of safety, efficiency and aesthetics, the company chose Nederman to provide a complete solution for wood waste management, dust collection and recycling for both plants.