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Woodworking dust collection in one of Europe’s largest woodworking companies


What started out as a small sawmill in Germany is today one of the largest woodworking companies in Europe, with 1600 employees divided at 6 locations around Europe. The German plant, which produces timber, wood for household gardens, wood briquettes, packaging wood, and more, has a capacity of handling as much as 650,000m³ of sawn and planed timber annually. To handle the large volume of dust from the wood production, Nederman provided a future-proof woodworking dust collection solution to extract, filter, transport and recycle the sawdust in a safe and efficient way.

Indústria da Madeira

Air Filtration 4.0 enables reduced energy consumption


With energy costs constantly rising, many organisations are looking for effective ways to reduce their consumption. Despite many industries being at the forefront of energy optimisation and technological development, filtration solutions have been overlooked and stalled - something that Nederman aims to change.

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Energy optimisation with enormous savings potential


Woodworking is a large industrial sector, mainly in Eastern Europe. Due to the large amount of air that is managed in the dust extraction system, the need for energy is great, and at today’s prices, the energy issue has made its way to the boardroom of an increasing numbers of producers. At BRW, one of Europe’s largest companies in the industry, it was decided to minimise the effects, and Nederman delivered a solution that radically changed the situation.

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Energy efficient dust collection in expanding production


A well established German company producing building materials for houses, invested in a new facility installing Nederman filtration systems to handle filtration from a large number of machines in a safe and efficient way.