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Wood Dust Collection Orma

Wood dust collection system decreased production downtime with 73%


Orma, a well-established manufacturer of high-quality particle boards in Turkey, has become a pioneer in the sector through their sustainable approach to production and constant development of their board patterns and surfaces. ​By investing in a Nederman dust collection extraction system, Orma increased the safety for their workers, achieved higher operational efficiency as well as reduced the energy consumption in the production, supporting their sustainable approach.

Filtro coletor de poeira de madeira da Nederman

Dust Collection System Upgrade in quality furniture manufacture company


Temple Furniture is a third generation living room furniture manufacturer based in Maiden, NC USA. Temple creates quality, American-made upholstered sofas, sectionals, chairs, ottomans and more with selections from over 500,000 fabrics. Temple invested in new CNC router equipment for in-house framing and finishing operations with an upgraded dust collection system to achieve more production efficiency and a cleaner, safer work environment.

Nederman IIoT

Improving energy efficiency in industrial air filtration


Energy efficiency is increasingly more important for industrial manufacturers due to rising energy costs resulting from scarce resources. Many manufacturers in the world have succeeded in reducing their energy costs by up to 20% with their holistic approach to energy management. One of the key points in this strategic approach has been to set cost-reducing targets and to prefer energy-efficient systems in accordance with the actual needs of the facility.

Extração de gases de escape em veículos de emergência

Vehicle exhaust extraction at Istanbul Airport emergency station


The firefighter team at Istanbul International Airport (IGA) was, like every fire station, facing problems with handling the toxic diesel exhaust produced by the fire trucks and exposing the firefighters to hazards. IGA, which is an award winning airport and an important center at the intersection of Asia, Europe and the Middle East, contacted Nederman in order to get help to control the air quality in the airport environment and to ensure a safe working environment for their firefighters. Nederman’s exhaust extraction system for emergency stations was installed - the most effective solution method for capturing and eliminating vehicle exhaust fumes.

Fume and dust management in grinding and welding operations


Fume and dust management in grinding and welding operations demand careful system designs. When collecting dust and fumes in a manufacturing environment, not only does the system you use have to draw harmful materials away from operators, it needs to do so in a manner that safely guards against the risk of explosions or fire in the dust or fume collector.