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Fume extraction robotic welding

The benefits and challenges of robotic welding and welding fume extraction


Robotic welding has gone from being an almost exclusive feature of the automobile industry to becoming an increasingly popular standard solution within a wide variety of industrial sectors. It is a technology that comes with many significant benefits, yet also a number of challenges; one of them being the issue of fume extraction.

Industrial housekeeping

How industrial housekeeping contributes to making workplaces better and safer


An industrial environment, like any other workplace, requires a certain degree of cleanliness and organization in order to function properly. While different industries and facilities face very different challenges in this area, they all share the need for industrial housekeeping; solutions that facilitate staff safety and product quality, primarily through fume, particles and dust extraction.

Nederman Filtac´s Oil Mist Filtration solution for high-efficiency air filtration

How to identify if there is an oil mist problem


All metal machining operations create oil mist and oil smoke to some extent. Both oil mist from emulsions and oil smoke from neat oils normally contain a number of undisclosed additives that will affect the human being. Removing oil mist is therefore essential to grant safety and cleanliness in the work place.