Taking control of your factory air

Modern facilities are on a digital journey to leverage data and connectivity to improve all aspects of their operations including safety, productivity, regulatory compliance and sustainability. Nederman understands that our clean air products and services need to support our customers on this journey. As a response, we have developed our Insight IIoT platform and have integrated into this into our filtration products offering customers a solution that meets today’s expectations and the needs of the future.

Nederman’s SmartFilter family include a wide range of products suitable for a wide range of industries such as wood working, metal fabrication, composites, agriculture and many more. Whether you need a pulse jet cartridge collector for weld fume, a high-vacuum collector for on tool machining or a baghouse for furniture manufacturing, we have a SmartFilter to meet your unique needs.

What makes SmartFilters different from traditional dust collectors?

Nederman’s SmartFilters have three key components that set them apart from traditional solutions in operation, usability and performance.

Sensors.Throughout the system, a series of sensors are installed that collect key performance metrics on the operation of the collector. These sensors replace visual gauges or manual tracking resulting in accurate, actionable information and less physical maintenance time.

Insight ControlA digital, touchscreen controller that operates the filtration system while also collecting sensor data and presenting it in an easy-to-use Human Machine Interface. The controller is also compliant with the latest industrial alarm standards and serves as a gateway for connecting to Nederman’s cloud based IIoT platform Insight.


Insight Platform
A cloud-based IIoT platform designed specifically for filter systems that provides real time monitoring, visualization and tracking of system performance, including customized dashboards, alarms and reports. Live data is accessible via the web or mobile devices empowering users to operate and maintain their filtration system more effectively.

Nederman Insight IIoT connectivity Nederman Insight mobile app

SmartFilters and the bottom line

The available data and live monitoring of the filtration system has a range of benefits that improve operations resulting in increased system reliability and productivity, reduced cost of ownership (TCO) and improved sustainability. 

Our myAir service program offers scalable digital and on-site services that maximize the benefits and value SmartFilters deliver.

Uptime assurance

Uptime assurance
Take actions before the system stops or reduces its performance.

Reduced maintance

Reduced unplanned maintenance
Maintenance is less expensive when planned.


Improved system lifetime
Early fault corrections help to improve product lifetime.

Risk management

Improved safety for people and premises
Early alerts of fire or possible explosion minimize injuries and property damages.


Performance tracking
Get valuable data on how your filtration system is operating.


Energy efficiency
A system with all components operating properly generally consumes less energy.



The future of clean air today


Nederman operates sales offices in 30 countries so contact our clean air experts today, so they can explain how our SmartFilter products can improve and enhance your operations.

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We have long and extensive experience and a wide range of products and solutions. If you need help finding the right solution for your needs, our experts and advisers will help you. 

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