Vehicle exhaust removal systems for fire and emergency stations

Health and Safety Fire and Emergency Stations

Exhaust fumes may seriously affect firefighters’ health

Diesel exhaust, found in every fire station, is produced when an engine burns diesel fuel. It is a complex mixture of thousands of gases and particles (soot) containing several toxic air contaminants. These include many known or suspected carcinogenic substances (benzene, arsenic and formaldehyde). It also contains other harmful pollutants, including nitrogen oxides. In the long term, repeated exposure is as dangerous as being subject to cigarette smoke. The exhaust spreads into the areas where firemen eat, sleep and reside. It penetrates the clothes. No wonder cancer rates among firemen are exceptionally high.

Exhaust extraction directly from the tail pipe

Nederman’s exhaust extraction systems are designed specifically for emergency vehicles. The exhaust fumes are removed right from the tail pipe, which is the only effective way of doing it. More than 100,000 Nederman systems installed in emergency stations all over the world is a proof for that!