Vehicle exhaust extraction systems

Hose and Cable Reels

Optimized air, power and fluid handling with Nederman cable and hose reels solutions

Constant wear and tear makes your equipment less effective and can even be a safety risk. Regular overhaul and replacement of worn out parts is mandatory to avoid costly downtime and irritating disturbances. Maximize equipment uptime, safeguard health and safety and prolong equipment lifetime. Hose and cable reels improves ergonomics and make the workplace more efficient. 

Nederman´s supply systems for oil, grease and liquids give each vehicle exactly the right amount and provides a reliable base for invoicing. The systems are distributed from a central storage area to the vehicles and work stations where they are easily accessible from various hose reels. The systems also include equipment that makes working in oil pits cleaner and safer.

Nederman cable and hose reels