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Fire and emergency vehicle exhaust system

Solutions for efficient exhaust extraction at Fire- and Emergency Stations


Vehicle exhaust emissions from a cold-start engine can reach toxic levels in only a matter of minutes within a closed building. Exhaust extraction systems, designed specifically for emergency vehicles, remove the exhaust fumes right at the tail pipe, which is the most efficient extraction method.

dust collection at manufacturing industry learning lab

Nederman partners with Manufacturing Industry Learning Lab


Nederman is committed to providing clean, dust-free environments for students. The woodworking industry's number one need right now is skilled labor. Nederman has partnered with a unique hands on school for the wood industry providing dust collection for all their machinery.

Removing oil mist from the production environment creates golden opportunities for Schalins


Schalins experienced issues with oil mist not being properly extracted from the work environment and gold dust getting caught in the duct system. The impact was an unhealthy work environment with risk for allergies, and loss of profit. To achieve a healthier workplace and reduced maintenance cost, Schalin decided to install Nederman Filtac OSF 2000 filter with trap for gold dust and powder.