Focus on sustainable production - efficient filtration systems from Nederman cut CO2 impacts along the food chain

Efficient air filtration system in foodchain

Packaging has a crucial role to play in reducing the carbon impact of the food chain. Nederman is a worldwide supplier to a leader in preserving and protecting food, a company actively contributing to lessening the sector’s carbon emissions through their packaging solutions.

Our customer aims to cap their climate impact despite considerable business growth. To reinforce their commitment, sustainability is one of three criteria for selecting suppliers. At thirtyseven of their factories worldwide, Nederman systems help remove moisture and dust from cutting material, which is crucial for a healthy work environment. Our cartridge dust collector has better cleaning efficiency, which requires lower compressed air pressure. Delivering this energy efficiently helps keep CO2 emissions to a minimum. We report on our sustainability performance annually to the customer’s supplier qualification system, verifying that our products are efficient and our operations and supply chain are ethical and responsible.

Want to konw more about how we help our customers to create value by maximizing production efficiency, improve work environments and reduce environmental impact? Read about Nederman sustainability commmitments. 

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