Noise enclosure for FM fans

Both side panels with cooling air openings are de-mountable for access to the fan motor.

MNise level reduction for FM600 fan - 2 dB(A), for FM800 and FM1000 - 3 dB(A)

Noise enclosure for FM800 fan

ArtNo: 5501783

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Noise enclosure for FM1000 fan

ArtNo: 5501784

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FX-Dome hood-ESD/EX-D50/75/100. Black dome hood, made of conductive ABS plastic,is designed to capture high dispersion contaminants, which is explosive or has a risk of electrostatic discharges. It can be attached directly on minihood, irrespective of arm size. The ergonomics of handle design on both sides of the hood make it easier to maneuver.

ArtNo: 5501799

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