Nederman data cable reel

Secure and stable network access – where and when you need it

Secure data transfer with D20 Data Cable Reel

A reliable network connection is an essential part of every company’s infrastructure. Although a wireless connection is a good complement, for maximum speed, stability and security, a fixed connection is still the best option.

 Watch our 360 video to get the full view of the new data cable reel with high quality material and safe design. 

An easily accessed cable reel keeps your floors free from cables and contributes to an efficient working environment. Nederman has been developing industrial hose and cable reels for over 70 years and the D20 has been designed to withstand heavy usage in environments such as vehicle workshops, hardware labs and data centers (eg military and universities). 

Advantages of D20

  • Made of a durable composite material
  • Unique spring construction, protected inside the reel
  • 12 meter, EU certified Cat7 ethernet cable with individual shielded conductors
  • Durable ethernet connectors RJ45
  • Swivel bracket, easy to mount on wall or ceiling
  • Short delivery time (2 days for D20 with cable)

D20 Data Cable Reels 

The spring-driven cable reel is available in two models: D20 with 12 meter network cable and D20 without cables – both fully compliant with the latest standards for cable reels.

Article No with cable 12 m: 30708020
Article No without cable: 30709020

Data cable reel for secure data transfer