Ethanol hose reels

Introducing new hose reels to support use of alcohol/ethanol-based liquids

Industrial hose reels for alcohol and ethanol-based liquids

In order to follow the development within automotive workshop usage of more aggressive fluids, we are now adding three versions of hose reels to handle alcohol and ethanol-based liquids - such as windscreen fluid, brake fluid and glycol.

The usage of alcohol/ethanol-based liquids in automotive workshops has increased in the past years. Handle such aggressive substances requires that the product is designed with suitable high end material: antistatic (conductive), corrosion resistant and EX. Not using suitable material can cause damage of the hose and components, generating leakages and consequently chemical hazard to workers and to the environment.

ATEX recommendation

Alcohol/ethanol based liquids are used both as mixed a non-mixed. The colder the country, the less mixed the fluids are. In case of non-mixed, the Ex version must be evaluated. 

Benefits of the new hose reels

Nederman has been working with industrial hose reels for decades and know how to make high quality reels that give you an easy to use product which last for many years. The new hose reels for use of more aggressive medias have been developed considering specific applications, which prolonges the product lifetime and thus lowering operation and maintenance cost. The products are also certified for areas with explosive risk to meet safety regulations. 

Series 883

Hose reel Ser 883 with 15m3/8”.
Grey and Black versions.


Industrial hose reel 883 for ethanol


Series 888CR

Hose reel 15m3/8"-WS-Corr-Resist-EX

Industrial hose reel 888 for ethanol


Fluid dispenser

   Digital control meter for wind screen fluid. Complete ½” inlet swivel 90° flexible outlet with manual non drip nozzle.
   Digital control meter for antifreeze & brake fluid .Complete ½” inlet swivel 90° flexible outlet with manual non drip nozzle.
   Digital control meter for wind screen fluid complete 1/2” inlet swivel, straight outlet without non drip nozzle.


Watch our 360 video to get the full view of the new hose reel.