Extraction at source is the most efficient solution for welding and thermal cutting

Wherever it is a viable solution, it has been proven that extraction at source is the most effective and efficient method of capturing and removing welding fumes. Using this method, the risk of the welder or operator being subject to hazardous fumes is minimized. 

The necessary components to achieve proper source capture of welding fumes are an easily positioned fume extractor with a well-designed hood. With proper airflow through the fume extractor and a conscientious welder who will position the hood in a correct manner, a clean and safe work environment can be achieved.  

Extraction arms

The most common solution for removing welding fume is welding extraction arms. Nederman offers a wide range of fume extraction arms from small work spaces to large installations requiring over 10 meters of reach. Nederman offers a wide range of welding fume extraction arms in different designs with full flexibility and are easy to position to fit many applications. Arms can be fitted to both stationary and mobile vacuum and filter units.

On-torch extraction

As an alternative to extraction arms, on-torch or integrated welding fume MIG gun extraction can be used. These systems are designed to effectively remove welding fume without disrupting the shielding gas and quality of the weld. Systems are available for single users up to hundreds of users.

Canopy hoods

There are instances, such as welding on large work pieces, robotic welding, plasma or laser cutting, where at-source extraction cannot be implemented effectively. These systems may require extensive application design to maximize fume collection while minimizing the amount of air captured to create an energy efficient system. 

Backdraft and downdraft

Other source extraction methods include downdraft tables and backdraft hoods. Downdraft tables and backdraft hoods are often used to replace traditional welding work tables where welding on small parts is common or where extraction arms are impractical.

Ambient filtration

In cases where source capture systems are not possible, due to size or shape of item to be welded, ambient filtration is an alternative to provide some degree of welding fume removal.