HWD Recycling Kft. focus on clean air at their recycling plant by installing ATEX approved dust collection system

Dust collection

In the plant of HWD Recycling Kft. in Hungary bad or used electronic products are collected and processed which cause hazardous dust. With the Nederman dust collection solution in place they are getting a cleaner and safer workplace as well as reduced energy cost

HWD Recycling Kft. collect and process bad or used electronic products from the public, public groups and manufacturing companies in accordance with environmental standards and requirements. The main profile of HWD is the professional dismantling and processing of equipment, air conditioners and industrial refrigerators as well as storage of aluminum and copper raw material extracted from waste free from external influences until further processing.


The recycling plant uses various grinding/crushing systems to process the waste. During grinding, dust is generated in the grinders/crushers and in areas of the conveyor belts, which is detrimental to health and processing equipment. Furthermore aluminum dust is generated during the process and, as all fine air materials, poses risks of explosion if they are not taken care of.


“We believe that we can always be better and that our partners need the best service. Nederman has also contributed to our development by installing a perfectly functioning secure dust extraction system for us.”
Norbert Höflinger
Strategic Director HWD Recycling kft.



Nederman has decades of experience in combustible dust handling and in this case a low vacuum solution was installed including an ATEX certified Nederman FMCZ8A filter unit with a15 kW Combifab fan, inverter and arms with the necessary safety components. Explosion Isolation Flap Valve in the suction branch and explosion diverter was installed for return air in blowing branch

Dust collection system


  • Continuous and safe production
  • Long filter lifetime
  • Energy savings (est 20-40% energy reduction)
  • Optimized extraction capacity

Customer value

  • Improved and safer working environment
  • Premises free from the hazardous dust
  • Longer service life of processing equipment

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