MCP-GO is a complete industrial air filtration solution for welding fume

Convenient and compact fume extractor for today’s needs

With investments in welding automation and advanced machinery are on the rise, Nederman’s MCP-GO is an all-in-one fume extraction system for manufacturers. The MCP-GO offers advanced filtration technology in a simple, quick to install and easy-to-use package and providing a reliable, clean air solution for manual welding, welding robot or cobots and thermal cutting processes.

Available in two models

The MCP-GO is available in two models based on the airflow, pressure requirements and the fume generating process. Both models have the same footprint, filtration technology and capabilities but the -6SL model is a shorter, more compact version for lighter applications.

Building off Nederman’s industry leading MCP SmartFilter technology, the MCP-GO offers a new, more convenient and more cost-effective solution to protect people, production and planet

  1. Convenience - MCP-GO is delivered fully assembled and ready to deliver clean air
  2. Versality - Two available models, controls options and installation flexibility allows the MCP-GO to be applied to a variety of processes and industries
  3. Capability - MCP-GO will deliver clean air at minimum cost


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Power and versatility for a wide range of applications

The MCP-Go is designed to collect and filter thermally generated fume resulting from different types of welding and laser cutting. Nederman’s experts review your manufacturing process and assist in selecting the MCP-Go model that best fit for your needs

  • Manual welding - For manual welders using extraction arms, cross-draft or over head hoods, the MCP-GO can support up to five manual welding stations
  • Automated welding - For automated welding stations, the MCP-GO provides a convenient and flexible solution for fume control with capacity to handle up to three cobot weld stations or one production robot
  • Thermal cutting - Fume is a major concern for laser, plasma or other thermal cutting processes and the MCP-GO offers a great solution for a single cutting machine or workstation

Nederman offers a wide range of options and accessories to build a complete fume extraction and filtration system

We provide extraction arms or local containment hoods to capture the fume and then a full range of quick fit, clamp together duct to convey the fume to the MCP-GO. Safety accessories like the in-line spark arrestor seamlessly connects into the duct system and deterring sparks.

Extraction Arms

Enhanced design with improved motion control, extended airflow and temperature range for more demanding fume and dust applications.

Canopy Hoods

Local containment hoods for manual or robotic weld stations that contain and capture fume. A variety of mounting options and sizes allow hoods to be catered to your process.

Spark Trap

Installed in ducting, the Nordfab Inline Spark Trap reduces the possibility of fire in collectors by decreasing the number of sparks which could reach the collector through the ductwork.

Quick Fit Duct

Complete range of Quick-Fit (QF) duct and fittings for building complete extraction systems. QF duct offers installation savings, improved maintenance, and future flexibility.  

Multiple models

The MCP-GO is available in two models based on the airflow, pressure requirements and the fume generating process. Both models have the same footprint, filtration technology and capabilities but the -6SL model is a shorter, more compact version for lighter applications. 


MCP-GO-2-6SL and MCP-GO-2-6S

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Did you know?

According to the International Agency on Cancer Research (IARC), all weld fume is considered a Class 1 carcinogen. Managing worker exposure to thermally generated fumes is essential to a safe and productive plant. The risk of fires within spark generating processes also must be managed.

The MCP-GO and the complete systems that Nederman offers focus on compliance, mitigating risk and worker health and safety. 

Need a little more extraction power?

Some applications require additional filtration capacity, accessories or configuration than is available with the MCP-GO. Nederman’s MCP SmartFilter is a modular cartridge dust collector suitable for filtering fume and combustible dust in an effective and safe manner. It’s a fully flexible, configurable solution, with wide range of filter medias, options and accessories and thus capable of being applied to much wider range of industrial processes.

The MCP SmartFilter is installed in thousands of industrial applications serving a wide range of applications including welding, metal working, food processing, bulk powders, abrasive blasting and more. 

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Smart approach to service

The MCP-GO offers advanced controls package that supports digital monitoring through the Nederman Insight cloud-based platform. Sensors on key components and the process helps manufacturers avoid costly downtime, improve maintenance, and drive safety of your fume extraction solution. 

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