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Ferramentas digitais da Nederman

A well-functioning air filtration system is critical for a good working environment, optimised production and minimal energy consumption in the manufacturing industry. Active monitoring of the processes can avert problems that hinder efficient operation and simultaneously reduce energy consumption.

Studies show that up to 70% of the electricity consumed in manufacturing is used by industrial motor systems such as fans, compressors and material handling equipment. Through Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and using SmartFilters to actively monitor various processes, businesses are able to take quick action in the event of any anomalies. This makes it possible to work sustainably and energy efficiently. However, a greater understanding of the possibilities of digital technology is needed in the industry.

"The lack of knowledge about the importance of well-functioning industrial air filtration is often the culprit in the modernisation process of large industries. Even though the air filtration system is production critical, many businesses do not have full control over their air filtration processes and how they should be managed for the best possible effect"
- Magnus Edmén, VP E&FT / Head of Sales Area EMEA at Nederman

In some cases, air filtration systems are critical for the operation; if it stops working, the production stops. In other cases, breakdowns in the air filtration system can lead to the release of carcinogenic welding fumes or even worse, contribute to a fire or dust explosion.

In terms of energy savings, much can be done with the IIoT; for example, cleaning filters only when they are actually needed can reduce pressure lifting requirements and associated energy consumption.

Automated energy savings with Industrial IoT

Nederman's SmartFilter is a multifunctional filter suitable for air filtration of industrial waste such as smoke, wood dust and other combustible dust. In addition to filtering industrial air, it collects data that provides the user with valuable information on immediate and possible future maintenance needs. In the most advanced smart filters, the plant is automatically steered towards the lowest possible energy consumption using proprietary algorithms.

IIoT enables effective real-time communication so that businesses can better control their energy consumption, production, and occupational health and safety risks.

"99% of the global population is exposed to poor air quality, but at the same time, consumer demands for corporate transparency and accountability are increasing. This means that the industry needs to adapt to the present; however, a common misconception is that sustainability and profitability do not go hand in hand. New environmental inventions can optimise energy consumption and the working environment while reducing costs and enabling a profitable sustainability policy" - Magnus Edmén, VP E&FT / Head of Sales Area EMEA at Nederman

Take control of air flows

Lack of knowledge about energy consumption and environmental hazards is a risk factor in the industry. With many manufacturing companies lacking sufficient data in the past, the step towards sustainable solutions has not been taken. IIoT solutions can help industries improve factory airflow and reduce the dangers that harmful emissions can pose to both workers’ health and the environment.

"The energy issue is now bigger than it has ever been in a long time. As industries need to be efficient and sustainable, new ways of working are needed to keep energy consumption low, without compromising quality or safety. Nederman’s SmartFilters can simplify the industry at large by optimising the air filtration and the processes around it." - Magnus Edmén, VP E&FT / Head of Sales Area EMEA at Nederman

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