Nederman Channel and Partner Program

Nederman Architect, Engineer & Installer Program

Make the most of your projects - products and solutions for filtering, cleaning and recycling in demanding workplaces

By working closely together, we at Nederman believe we both can achieve more. It is about trust, commitment and actively supporting each other. We believe that by helping others to win, we increase the opportunity of a bright future for both of us. When you work with us, you receive a set of benefits that can help you to better serve customers and save time and money while you strengthen your capabilities and improve the customer solution. For example we supply you with Nederman 2D and 3D drawing and specification texts among other things. All supported by the Nederman brand and reputation as a global leader in supplying products and solutions protecting people, planet and production from harmful effects of industrial processes.

Benefits and support to help you close the deal

Access to 2D/3D-drawings

Our on-line service gives you access to Nederman 2D and 3D drawings and include full product specification lists, pressure drop diagrams and more. 

Single point of contact 

A dedicated Nederman Development Manager will be appointed to your company.

Detailed product information and specification texts

To help you formulate your tenders and projects, all product and application information is available on-line.

Commercial field support

The Nederman representatives gives you the support and knowledge you need, both when preparing the project and tender or visiting the customer.


We offer both on-site and on-line training.

Use of Nederman Experience Center

You are welcome to visit our Experience center to see and try our products. You and/or together with your customer. (Available in selected countries)

There are a range of advantages working with Nederman and our solutions/products – read more about Nederman Nederman Architect, Engineer & Installer Program. 

Contact us for more information about how to work with us and our products.